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    Ladies I need your advice!! I think there’s a possibility I might be pregnate. I am ALWAYS tired, my breast are soooo sore, my nipples have darkened a little, I had a little bit of bleeding- enough to notice but not like it were my period, I feel sick a lot, I’m extremly irritable, I get small pains in my abdomin but nothing like menstral cramps, sometimes I get a small fever, and headaches, I have a little bit of a yeast infection, I’m a little bit constipated, I’m more gasy than usual, plus sometimes when I stand up I get dizzy. But my periods still not supposed to come for another 10 days or so so it’s to early to take the home test. Part of me really hopes that I am but part of me keeps telling myself I’m not. I think at this point the hardest part is not knowing, I just want to have an idea because right now I have none. Please if it sounds like I am or if it sounds like it could be something else to you PLEASE let me know!!!!!! Thank you sooo much for any help and advice you can give me!:)

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    hi there, well i felt all these things the week before my period was due, the one that stands out the most was the yeast infection i had it was only minor but still there! the tummy cramps i felt i thought it was because my period was due so never really thought too much about it, i didnt want to get my hopes up. my period never came so i thought of an excuse for myself…. i got my dates wrong! i said for 2 months i would come on tomorrow, i never did now im 4 months pregnant 🙂 i dont want to say you are pregnant coz i dont want to be wrong but i had all these symptoms early and i was pregnant!
    good luck


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