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    Hi everyone. I know this is supposed to be for girls who are or might be pregnant but I loved this site when I was pregnant and wanted to share a little something with you. All you girls out there who are pregnant I applaud you on your courage to face motherhood. I just want to tell you girls who’s test comes up negative to WAIT! When I was in college I found out i was almost 12 weeks pregnant. I had had no sickness or anything. I took the "easy" route out and had an abortion. Almost exactly a year later I was pregnant again. This time I faced it down. I went thru horrible morning sickness and had motion sickness. My "fiance" became abusive. I lost myself esteem because I was on welfare, "fat", and alone. My body image was toast. I hated everything about myself. When I went into early labor I contemplated not going to the hospital until I was sure they couldn’t stop it (I think I hoped the baby wouldn’t make it) but then I realized I already loved this baby and I went to the hospital. Four days after my due date and after two days of labor I gave birth to an 8 lb. 10 oz. baby girl. I had more stitches than ever before in my life and to start out ourlife together her father "forgot" to pick us up from the hospital. She is my life but I wish I would have had her later! Her father is not in the picture, I am on welfare, I have no luxuries like a phone or cable, and I can’t sleep at night worrying about all the bills. PLEASE girls if you think you want a baby just wait. Chances are you’ll realize in a few days or weeks that you can’t handle it. Or test yourself like this: Every day for a week get up every three hours and walk the halls rocking a doll for an hour, change its "diaper", and make it a "bottle". This has to fit into your NORMAL schedule, no skipping work, or school, or violin practice! Then remember that you’ll have stitches in your bum and be very sore down there and exhausted while you do all this! Go to a baby store with a pen and notebook and price EVERYTHING you’ll need. Write it all down and add it up! I swear if you do this you won’t want a baby anymore. So please just wait. Its a joy but its alot easier with TWO FINANCIALLY STABLE PARENTS! Thanks for listening and good luck. Love, Sara

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