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    Can someone please help me. I am 16 and i really want a baby am i the only 16 year old who wants a baby? i know its hard and a baby is not just a toy that i can play with and put up when im finish but i really want this. i wrote a topic about me and my boyfriend and how he really wanted this and how i had my doubts. but now i really want it to. is it just me. will all the mothers and future mothers to be please help me out. i would really like that.

    Jaefaye :blush:


    O. K. First no you are not the only one when I was 16 I wanted a baby very badly and i tried and tried and tried until i sat down with my grandmother and she explained something very simply. THIS IS NOT ABOUT WHAT U WANT!. "what about the baby child" is what she would say. Does it want to be born into a family where the mother is too young to take care of it and does not have an education to to better herself or her family. You and your boyfriend may really and truly be in love. But if its the kind that lasts he and you will be there in Oh I dont know maybe 2 yrs or more. Because if he cant wait that long what makes you think he can pull 18 yrs for your child. You have probably heard this spill before but please at least think about it. For your Baby’s sake.


    hi, no don’t worry your not the only one i am also 16 and i used to really want a baby, but recently i have a new job and my career is really lookin up for me, i have a good relationship with my bf of a year, if anyhting did happpen he said already hed be there for me, but i think to myself how much of a better life my child would have if i was older, had the money, my own place and be married a ready for a baby, if i was to have one now i wouldnt have the money to give it all the things it deserves, i would be living at home in my small room, i’d have no career and i’d miss out on doing all the fun things with friends as we grow up together. just really think about what you want, give it time and maybe you’ll realise its best to wait, good luck with evrything 🙂


    I think your feeling are normal. Although I never wanted a baby as a teen (I knew how much work it would be), I thihnk it’s normal because God made us as women to want to nurture and cuddle and take care of other humans. But right now, your job is to take care of yourself and decide about college and your future. Believe me, when you have a baby, there is NO time for yourself.
    I have a 3 year old and a 4 month old who I am with all day and all night. I am devoted to my kids, my husband works very hard to provide for our family. What kids need most is your TIME and undevoted ATTENTION. I don’t believe you can give this to them at 16. You will see a lot of people who already have children and are still going out all the time, dropping their kids off to babysitter’s all the time, but that’s not what babies and kids deserve.
    My last piece of advice to you is: Think about everything your parents did to make you feel good and the things they did to make you feel bad. Think about all the things your child would need and if you could provide that.



    It’s completely normal what you’re feeling, when you see babies it’s like "oh my god i’d love to have one, they are so cute!" When I was at your age, I already had a one year old daughter, I gave birth when I was 15 and I love my daughter more than anything in this whole world but let me tell you, having a baby brings tons of responsabilities. You have to stop partying, you can’t just go out and leave your baby, most girls wouldn’t give that up, you gotta be aware that everything you do is for child. You gotta work to give the baby everything she/he needs such as clothes, food, shoes, a place to live, etc. I’m 18 now, and my daughter is 3 and a half years old, I’ve given up everything just for her, I think she deserves the entire world. I work really hard to try to give her everything she needs. So I hope this help and please, think about it, give yourself a chance to finish your education, to get a job, and then you’ll be ready to have a baby ;).

    Take care! 🙂

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