am i pregnant?

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    yhe first day of my last period was oct.5 is allways last about 5 days…when it ended i started bleeding again about a week later and it was very thick and dark i went to the E.R. and they said that may have a small infection caused by an abortion i had about 2 months pror but was not pregnant.. the bleeding stopped about 4 days after that and i havnt gotten a period sense i was wondering is the first day of my last period oct.5 or when i started bleeding again and went to the E.R.? i have been cramping for about a week but no period…i have been having bloating,heartburn,headaches,backaches and going to the bathroom alot!!! could i be pregnant?


    That’s a tough question to answer well, you say you had an abortion right? …. so my guess would be to see if there was any symtoms with that short pregnancy like you feel now…. if they add up together then you could be but i don’t know if you can get pregnant after an abortion…. but my best bet would be if you really think your pregnant then go get a test and find out…. or go to your doctor’s office and have them run a blood test….. wish you the best …. i hope i was some help….. take care

    xx Erica 🙂


    thank you for your help…i took a pregnancy test that night and it was POSITIVE!!!!! i am so exsited!!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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