Am i pregnant?

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    hi i am 3 weeks late on my period and i am never late i have ALL the symptoms of pregnancy and i took a test it was neg. but i am still late and i am never late. i will list my symptoms and u can tell me ur opinion on it

    -breast tenderness
    -mood swings
    -Missed period
    -Food cravings plus eating alot more
    -frequent urination
    – acne ( i never broke out before)
    -swollen feet and ankles

    please i dont know what to do help



    you could be pregnant. Go to the doctor and they’ll send you for a blood test to be sure. I had a period while I was pregnant with none of the pregnancy symptoms so you never know


    hey this may be a bit l8 coz its sept now – but its sounds 50 -50 coz 3 weeks laste and experianceing all of them sounds a bit too early in a pregnancy – but go to a doctor or get a friend to buy a test
    gd luck

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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