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    I’m 18, still a senior in high school, and I will be a pre-med major in the fall. I lost my virginity the last week in December to a guy I’ve been seeing for a year and a half. We’re crazy about each other and he’s the most supportive guy I know. However, about midway through our relationship, he panicked and just stopped calling – my parent’s didn’t like him to begin with, and now they really don’t like him. I’m not allowed to see him – but I have anyways, and I don’t regret it.

    We’ve used a condom everytime (and granted it’s been only 4 times), but I know they can break. I also have been on birth control – and it made me really moody, so I got off of them for the month. But after the 3rd time we had sex, I went back on. So, so far, my guess is that the constant sleeping, constant cramps, breast tenderness and increase in appetite would confirm early signs of pregnancy.

    However, I just finished a 2 week bout of a double ear infection and viral infection (throat). My body could definitely be tired from working so hard to build up my immune system – hence sleeping. I know once I start birth control pills they usually are coupled with some slight cramping (but they’ve lasted a week). I also know that my breasts do get bigger when I’m on the pill, which they have. And I know that also accompanied with the pill is an increase in appetite (at least for my body).

    So after all that, my question is – am I overreacting? During my sickness I did watch a million Lifetime movies on early pregnancy, and I was on a lot of medicine (which I know can alter the effects of your pills so we’ve abstained from sex for a month)…

    I would love to be a mom, and I would 100% keep the baby. My boyfriend and I have already talked about the "what-if’s" before engaging in that activity.


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