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    Yesterday i started bleeding more like spotting but this morning it woke me up i am bleeding really heavily and have really bad stomach cramps does anyone know whats happening?


    Girl, you better go to the doc quick! I know that you probably dont want to be worried at the point you are in, but you should be. If you are pregnant for sure, and you are bleeding that is a big time sign of miscarrying!!


    go the ER now!


    Unfortunately, it sounds like you might be miscarrying. If you are more than 10 or 12 weeks, I would strongly suggest seeing a doctor. It’s unlikely they will be able to stop the miscarriage, but things down there will need to be checked out to be sure that no infestion can develope.


    I thinks this is definately something you should see a doctor about. I have been told that sometime bleeding happens and people have perfectly normal pregnancies. However, any bleeding you have needs to be told to a physician.


    Well, there are a few things that we don’t know. First of all, we don’t know how far along you are in your pregnancy. But, it does sound like you could be miscarrying, but then again I’m not a doctor. :laugh: What I would suggest is, if you are losing so much blood that it is bad for you, go to the hospital…now! And if heavy bleeding persists, just go to the doctor to be safe! It could just be a minor problem and going to the doctor might be able to save your baby.

    But pretty much, go the doctor soon if the bleeding doesn’t stop because nobody on here can tell you for sure what’s happening.

    Good luck! God bless you. 😉


    I do not know how far you are into your pregnancy, but the heavy bleeding could mean a number of things. There are women who become pregnant, have their period the entire pregnancy, and the baby is fine. Are you having a lot of tissue emission/lots of clumps? Examine any tissue clumps…are they about the size of a quarter? If so, I would so see a doc ASAP. This could mean severe complications for you and for baby. If you are not wanting the baby and a miscarriage is what you want, still, do not go untreated. Nature is going to take it’s course…the only reason why women have miscarriages is because the body is detection something wrong with the pregnancy. Do not go untreated…this can lead to a massive intrauterine infection and can be deadly. Go see the doc as you as you can. Better to be safe than sorry.


    Girl get to the doctor. The worst they will say is its normal bleeding and not to worry. However it is best to have these things checked out.

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