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    Alicia Morris

    🙁 Hi there my last period date was june the 22nd lasted 5 days but it was kind of weird I usually signs that my period would start soon when my breast hurt but did not then they never came in July I thought I might be prego but I don’t have any symptoms so I put that out my mine.

    But my b’friend made me take a test this morning and it was neg I could not stop crying because I really want a baby but part of me new I was not, from what I have calculated I would have been 7 weeks and my period is not due until tomorrow so what is happening to my body. Can you be prego this far and still get a neg hpt?

    please help


    sum women do miss the odd period from time to time w/o even being preg.
    if u miss a 2nd period then re-take the test
    gud luck

    justine pecora

    some woman dont ahve systoms for a while i would say wait to see if you get your aug pe.. n if not go to a doc n explain whats going on. good luck

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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