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    🙁 okayy i was dating this guy for about 4 months. he’s 15 and i am 13. he’s into drugs and smoking and drinking and idk y i started to date him anyway. but a rumor started going around that i had sex with his friend (i didnt) so my boyfriend got REALLY mad and he hit me. i was so scared and confused i didnt know what to do. he later said he was sorry and that he loved me but he was still hiting me and pushing me into things. he finally ended it because i was scared to end it. he is my ex now and i have another boyfriend but im still really scared of him he hit me the other day and my boyfriend is the only one who knows what really happened. i wouldnt let him fight my ex. because that would make it worse. i struggle with depression and cutting and i feel scared. somebody PLEASE help me…:( 🙁


    you definitly shouldn’t have to put up with that stuff, trust me, i was raped constantly for 3 months whhen i was 15 1/2 and the guy controlled me by hitting me.so as far as the cutting goes, i have been a cutter since i was 7 years old, and i know that you have urges to do that, but really just try to end it, i mean, you don’t need that and you’re too young for it.really, you should be enjoying life, not dreading it, right?you can contact me n e time.best of luck:S


    Tell someone who will be a strong supposrt system. Not a friend a parent, family member, mature adult. GET OUT! Do not lower yourself to that. When I was 12 I was molested every weekend for a year and then at 15 I was raped. I’ve been through cutting but someone found out and I stopped I did it on occasions but I havn’t done it for 2 years. I’ve been in a mentally abusive relationship and i’m finally getting the strength and courage to fight back and not worry if he ends it..this took me a year and three months please don’t put up with it, it only gets worse…alot worse. You can contact me anytime if you need help.


    Any updates? How is your life? I hope it is better.


    Hi,its getting better. but one step at a time.ii have cut iin almost a month and i havent had contact with my ex. i havent had the guts to tell yet but soon ii will.Im just trying but its so hard i feel like im not wanted.but i have frands and an amazing bf so idk y i feel like that. but i try to ignore my feelings and put on a fake smile;;which isnt good but im trying. i dont have alot of ppl to talk to.my frands would tell someone about it.my best frand harley knows &+ shes helping me through it. thanks for asking!


    I’m sorry that you’re still having a hard time! 🙁 But you can always talk on here when you need to. 🙂 I hope that everything keeps getting better for you!

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