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    Abortion is bad i am not pregant never "done it" but the pictures that i have seen and the stories i have heard. Abortion is wrong you are taking an innocent life because you think it will make you fell better. it wont you will just feel more horrible than you already are. and just because none of this has ever happened to me doesnt mean i dont know stuff!


    some girls, like myself are put on a skin treatment which can cvause your baby to heve dissabilities and be deformed, which is not fair on the mom or the baby.

    Abortions are horrible i know because IO had one, but i was forced to have one

    Miss Boop

    I am a very strong believer in having your baby when you get pregnant no matter how young or old you are. I have a condition that might of affected my baby but so far he is healthier than the doctors thought and is very active. His sonograms prove that he is a happy baby and I would of missed that if I had had an abortion. I had to have faith in myself and in God. If you are forced to have an abortion or you believe in them I have nothing against ’em but I know for a fact that with choices and decisions come consequences and God does not put more on you than you can handle so I don’t really care to take a life because of certain circumstances and problems in my life. I like that you are very opinionated and care deeply about your thoughts and what not. But everyone makes horrible decisions every now and then some even everyday… it’s best not to judge because it hurts when you are judged. Stand tall and stay strong in all that you do.



    Exactly… It has never happened to you. So have no right to be on here talking about it.


    you should not say stuff like that if you have not gone through an abortion because it does hurt.

    Trust me i had one


    well I agree because I have seen pictures too. Woman getting abortions at 6 months and stuff & the baby is just about fully grown. I am against abortions too but everyone has their own reasons & opinions to it. But most girls regret it because they want their babies eventually. Like me…I miscarried & I cry for my baby all the time…while somebody out there is killing theirs…it hurts when you think about it…but things happen for a reason.


    I know what you mean when you think it’s wrong. I do to. I don’t believe in it what so ever, BUT, that doesn’t meant that the people who had one should be judged. Its kind of like religion in a way. Everyone believes something different. You wouldnt go criticizing a muslim b/c your christian, everyone believes in different things. I personally believe that there is other options but some people dont, ya know?


    Wow. How sad. Nobody should be ‘forced’ to have a/n Abortion. If anyone needs to talk. I have not and will never experience an Abortion, but I am willing to talk and listen if you need too…



    i kind of agree with the other girls who say you don’t have a right to talk about it when you haven’t done it…but then again i am on the fence about the abortion thing….i am pregnant and i have friends who have had abortions, i have also done research on the subject…and in that research i have found that of the REGRET their decision to do so……..so i do not agree with the other girls’ choice of how to tell you that do shouldn’t say that……. plz the next time ANY of you decide to bring up the abortion subject pick your words wisely……it’s the smart thing to do…..

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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