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    having an abortion is nothing to be proud of at all.

    i hate myself for mine but I want to help anyone who is thinkin about it, its not fair for anyone to go through that pain.

    Its a hurt that nothing can change.
    Its an emptiness that no one can fill.
    Its a part of you that you will never get back.

    Its a regret that Ill regret everyday for the rest of my life…


    i totally agree with you. there is nothing worsethen walking down the street seeing all the happy familys with there children knowing that could of been you. you dont think it will have an affect on you but it does and it always will. everything i do in my life reminds me of what i did, and its not puninshment enough for what i did


    Wow! I’m sorry, May I ask how long ago you had an abortion and how old you were?


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    i also had an abortion and am so devestated now.. and wishing to become pregnant again.. if anyone who reads this is concidering an abortion please don’t.. it’s the hardest thing EVER.. and although it may not seem like a huge deal now.. when it finally hits you what you have done.. you will be in the same shoes as me..:(


    im not sure if you were talking to me but i had an abortion 6months ago and i was 18 at the time


    i had my abortion 8 months ago on the 3rf of frbuary, i was 17


    it does indeed hurt…
    i was 24 when i had a termination, it was a little over 8 years ago. i was about 7 weeks pregnant at the time- and had just started craving seafood like mad- and i was pretty sure i was having a girl… even though i was trying very hard not to think about the little bean i was carrying because i knew the baby’s father was not interested in being one and we were on the brink of breaking up when i found i was pregnant.
    that little girl would have started school this year (she would have been 7) and it has taken me many years to get over the hurt.
    i know god forgave me long ago, but it took me a long time to accept his forgiveness even though i asked for it.
    it does hurt a little less with time- hang in there girls.


    i had an abortion 4days ago and its kiling me on the inside
    i feel like a different person. my boyfriend is telling me
    to hurry up and get over it quickly but guys dont understand
    these kind of things. i was pregnant for 6weeks till i did an
    pregnancy test and was 8weeks 1day when i had my abortion
    its something im going to have to live with for rest of my life 🙁


    i had an abortion last year and it was the worst expirience in my life…wen i would see people with babys or preggers i would think about the baby that i lost..on the day he was supposed to be born i felt so sad the whole day it was horrible…if ur pregnant dont get one and if ur not pregnant think twice before u let urself get pregnant because abortion is the worst thing that you could do…ill regret it all my life but now i feel i have gotten a second chance to fill the emptiness inside by god giving me another baby i am so exstatic i am 9w5d pregnant and cant wait to see my belly grow and feel my baby inside :O)


    my abortion has been 1 year ago. and it haunts me everyday. but i am sure if we continue being strong we can get through it.


    Hey I’m the moderator today and I was reading over this post. It’s so sad. But I want to say that there is hope. Your world is dark now, but it does not have to stay like that.

    There are pregnancy resource centers across the United States and the world that have FREE post abortion support groups. I highly recommend it. You don’t have to suffer in silence any more. The best thing you can do to help yourself is to talk about your feelings with other women who have been through the same thing as you. There is no judgment or condemnation. I would like to add that I think you are all very brave to be talking on here about your abortion openly and honestly. It is the first step to healing.

    Let me tell you how to find a pregnancy resource center that has a post abortion support program. Just call 1-800-395-HELP or you can go to http://www.optionline.org. If you are not in the United States you can check out careconfidential.com.

    There is hope, and the sun will come out. Just hang in there. Also you can email me any time April@standupgirl.com


    You guys are so right. I had an abortion last year when i was seventeen and i regret the decision everyday. I am now just 16 days away from my baby’s due date and i just want (like like every mom) to hold my baby so bad. It hurts beause i never will have that oppourtunity.


    Yea I was 18 too.


    i had an abortion on the 25th march of lst yr and ive never been the same since..i was 8 weeks along and alredy so attached to my baby that id even talk to it evry nite b4 i slept.Wat killed me the most was that the 1st time i saw my baby on the ultrasound was the day that i had my abortion..which my mom forced me to do.I never 4got that day..i remember it like it was yesterday.I hate myself,i hate my mother and i hate my bf,who didnt hav the guts to tlk to my dad n ask 4 my hand in marriage (cz btw i live in the middle east,and here u cnt hav a child unless ure married!!!)i wnted 2 stop univeristy and go bck to brazil (where im originaly frm),hav the baby n cme bck…but my mom wudnt hav it any other way.I want a baby more than anything and i hate seeing other ppl with them or preggers wlkin around..it kills me.Now my bf says he wnts 2 hav a child badly coz he realized wat he did…i hope my baby cmes back to me..he/she wudve been around 3 mtnhs old and therez nthing i wnt more than to hold my baby in my arms. Ive always needed support frm ppl whove been thru the same thing coz i feel so alone cz no1 understands wat ive been thru.I rlly hope i can find sum1 2 tlk to about this n help me thru this


    it gets easier with time- thats sadly the only help i can offer now. i had a termination at 7 weeks, and it was also the only time i saw my little bean on the ultrasound. i was however 20-something years old and it was my decision.
    it gets easier- you will not necessarily feel less guilt or heartache, but it will be easier to deal with.


    its is very hard, but trust me it gets easier as the days go by. you will always want that feeling. its been a year for me and i still want the feeling to hold my baby. i have been suffering ever since that horrible day. the day of your due date. make sure you are not a lone and go hang out with friends just to get you mind off of it. that what i did and it helped me. maybe it will help you.


    i hope it gets easier..im so exited about having another baby..bt i still wna wait til im done with university cz ive still got a yr to go and i wna commit myself full-time to my child..im thinkin of getting pregnant at the end of my senior yr,cz by my graduation ceremony i’ll definetly have something to celebrate :D….do u guys think thats the rite decision or shud i jst do wat my heart says and have it as sooon as i can???


    i know exactly how you feel i am going through the samwe thing. i feel like no one understands me. i was so excited to hold my baby. its weird what you say, becuase i think the same thing. to help me get through it i think to my self that the same baby the same soul will come back and i will get to meet my baby one day. i also saw my baby for the 1st time on the ultra sound right before my aboortion. it haunts me every single night.


    i really hope that my baby comes back to me..i think about that all the time.If it does happen,i bet i’ll just know..Goood i miss him so much!! i keep remembering my pregnancy,and even though i wa sick all the time and there was so much chaos going on,i was soooo happy. I knew i wasnt gna get to keep the baby but jst that feeling that i had my very own baby inside me,that i wasnt alone,it was everything to me. Im so glad u guys understand the way i feel.I was always worried that other girls had prbly taken less time to recover than i have but in a weird way,its comforting 2 kno that im not the only one who feels this pain. People who dnt kno wat ive been thru hav always considered me 2 be that girl who "has it all" but they dnt kno that i have absolutely nothing without my little angel and that i’d give everythng 2 have him/her bck with me.


    I like to tell people to follow their heart, but in your case I would not – sorry. You are right to want to give 100% to your baby. If you are at University you will not be able to do that. You also will probably have a difficult time providing for your child. The best thing you can do for yourself is wait until you are married to start a family.


    i hate 2 say this,but ure right. I guess i shud wait coz last thing i’d want wud be 2 not be able to play, feed or bathe my baby becoz of an assignment or sumthing.Some of the girls in my university that have babies hardly take care of them themselves coz their too busy with projects and stuff..and thats not the type of mother that i wanna be. So ya…i guess the smartest choice is to wait til im done and married..unfortunately 🙁


    thats wat i wish for the most..for that same baby to come back to me. Like, even tho i was only 9 weeks wen i had my abortion, i alredy felt sooo connected and attached to it.Maybe that was just me but i just had this "feeling" that my baby knew exactly wat was going on but he/she still loved me..i know i prbly sound weird but i loved my baby so much and i know that wen i get pregnant again i will love my baby all the way like i did the first time and therez noo way i’ll let anyone take him/her away from me again


    Hey to all of you…when i was reading those lines i felt tears in my eyes…i discovered this page a month ago…and i am really happy that i did. i felt so alone for the past year and a half since my abortion…i thought that i cant talk to anyone about this…i had the feeling (when i was trying to tell what i feel) that nobody understands me…i am still in depresion..i hate myself for what i had done..i had killed my baby…all i want is to get it back…to know the sex of it…i think that it would be a girl…she was in my belly for 12 weeks… i really don’t feel good..i can’t forgive myself for what i’ve done…yes i’m 18 years old, i’m young…but i know that i could make it… i’m just so sad..i miss my baby 🙁


    Hey GangY, I want you to know that You do not have to hate yourself, you can chose to forgive yourself, as hard as it may seem it is possible to find healing and forgiveness for yourself…never let anyone make you feel that you have no right to grieve over your baby and do not let anyone point a finger at you, you already acknowledge that what you did was wrong, it is true and it is something that cannot be changed at this point, that is a hard truth to have to face daily, but don’t let it handicap the rest of your life…learn from it and allow yourself to grieve properly…have you checked out a Rachel’s Vineyard program?? Also you can find similar programs through pregnancy resource centers where you will go through some counseling either individually or group, then at the end of the study/counseling sessions you name your baby if you haven’t already and you have a memorial service and forgive yourself… here is a link that can help you find a Rachel’s Vineyard closest to you, http://www.rachelsvineyard.org/ ,also here is the number to Option line, 1-800-395-HELP, they can get you the number and location of the closest pregnancy resource center to you where you can find a program for abortion grief…I am so sorry you have to be in these shoes, they have got be hard to walk in…but I do know that there is hope and healing for you…Love Meg


    queenB wrote:

    I like to tell people to follow their heart, but in your case I would not – sorry. You are right to want to give 100% to your baby. If you are at University you will not be able to do that. You also will probably have a difficult time providing for your child. The best thing you can do for yourself is wait until you are married to start a family.

    I’m sorry, I just read that and I have to say I fundamentally disagree. Not with the wait until you’re married part and stuff, but about the university bit. I give 100% to my child and I’m at university. I’m sorry for diverting completely from the topic of this thread:blush: but I just thought that it was really unfair. And completely untrue.

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