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    I am 8 days late and my periods are always on time,I had took a test when 4 days late and was negative ,then took another the following morning and still a negative.
    I have had many symptons…
    white discharge/also jellyish
    feeling sick
    really tired
    breast larger ,tender,heavier,nipples sore and perkly also areola spreading a bit larger and getting darker
    pee more frequently
    mood swings
    feeling hot
    lower back pain

    I don`t know if i have had any implantation bleeding have`nt noticed.

    I woke up this morning and took another test and still negative ,but i am feeling ok have had no symptons today they just seem to have all of a suddenly disappeared ,my breast don`t seem as big but they are still sore.
    can anyone explain what could be happening


    Do you have any stressful situations going on right now? Ours bodies sometimes create the same symptoms of our period, but we dont have it because of stress going on in our lives! 🙂 If your HPT is neg, than its most likly youre not pregnant. If youre pregnant it will show up on the HPT even up to a day before youre suppose to start your period! However, HPT are not 100% accurate, if you are still worried about being pregnant, go into your doc. to get an official test. If you dont want to go to your doc, there are Caring Pregnancy Centers that will give you a free test and can talk to you about everything! 🙂 Let me know if you need anything else or have any other questions! <3



    If i were you, i would get a doctors appt. and discuss what is going on with your doctor. The same thing happened to me. I had symptoms but then again i could faintly make them out. Took tests for 2 months and they were all negative until one night i was with my boyfriend and i took a test and it was positive, took another one and it was positive. Went to doctors and got another test done by the doctors and it was positive. I had gotten one b4 from the doc. and it was negative so that told me to relax and not worry about being pregnant. Well now here i am with a healthy baby girl!! I’d just recommend seeing a doctor and discuss it with them. Some women show alot of symptoms but dont recieve positive tests. But it could also be a stressful situation also.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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