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    Jessica Goetluck

    i have bruises that have mysteriously shown up. most of them are on my legs and feet. is it normal for bruises to show up like that? I am also feeling more worn out than what i used to be. is that normal only 5 months into it? :huh:

    Nicolette blan

    yeah…i mean your getting bigger your carrying more and more eachday so your going to get a lil more tired. i dont know about the bruises on ur legs though, because i never got those so you should probably talk to your doctor about it. but being worn out is totally normal

    Taryn Walsh

    Fatigue and bruising are both signs of anemia (iron deficiency) which can show up in pregnancy.Pregnant women need 2 1/2 times the iron that an average person needs. Make sure you are taking your prenatal vitamins and try to eat foods rich in iron like Special K cereal, red meat, green leafy vegetables, and nuts. I would try increasing your iron intake before your next doctor visit and see if that helps. Your doctor can draw some blood and let you know if you are anemic or not and then will prescribe iron pills but it’s better to try and get more iron through your regular diet because those pills can make you really constipated:S Hope this helps 🙂

    justine pecora

    i got bruises with 2 pregs they said the extra wieght caused it i also had aneamia low iron so get that checked the tiredness is totally normal.it will get better soon i promise

    emily richards

    Hi, I would definately see a doctor if i were you, unexplained bruising can be a sign of anaemia which can be dangerous for both you and your baby, good luck!

    Jessica Goetluck

    thanyou for all of your help, the doctor said i had low iron. i am now taking pills to help it.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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