1st trimester problems, indication of to come?

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    I’m four months pregnant and have had a lot of problems during my first trimester. I ended up being hospitalize twice both because of the pregnancy. Seems like my OB is somewhat worried and has stated he wonders if there will be an appt I come into and everything is fine. I was just wondering if problems in my first trimester is any indication of what I am to face during the rest of the pregnancy. Thanks.


    probably wont ease your fears but i had a fierce time while i was pregnant-if it could happen it did! and then i started having contractions 3 weeks early. 3 days AFTER my due date i started active labor…36 hours later (3 of them pushing) and 3 vacuums later i had my daughter! honestly labor was the easiest part of the whole thing. invest heavily in mr. bubble bubble bath-it makes everything seem easier!


    I’ve just had so many health problems already im worried worse are to come. in my first trimester i needed surgery due to the pregnancy and then was hospitalize for a bad kidney infection. then the docs dont know why im throwing everything i eat up and nausea meds not helping so have to keep track of what and when i eat now. i just dont want any more problems, as it is ‘m at risk for preclampsia because my mom and both aunts had it. feels like everything that can go wrong is already going wrong dont think thats a good sign just agter the first trimester.


    It all really depends on the person having the problems and the pregnancy. I had problems that progressivly got worse, until I was hospitalized, and not allowed to move, then put on strict bed rest, then I had my baby two weeks early, but he was fine. It could get worse, or it could get better, just follow the doctors rules religiously, and try to stay healthy, once you hear that little cry, and see that beautiful pudgy face for the first time, you’ll forget everything that you had to go through, and just thank God that you got to be the parent of such a perfect angel.

    Hang in there,

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