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    i had sex for the first time, on june the 8th, he used a condom, but withdrew several times, and we didnt change condoms? i dunno if this is a problem or not, afterward i got really scared i would b pregnant, so i went to my doctor and got the morning after pill, i still didnt feel rigth and period didnt come for a while a bit later than usual is this normal after takin the ma pill? i had tht period it was diffferent to my others i ddint feel right, maybe cos i was scared? ive had another one since, both quite heavy, id love a child but im nervous cos i have so many questions, i live in a really small village it caused me more problems thn u cn imagine going to my gp, so i cnt do tht, and no way can i buy a preggers test in this village everyone knows everyone, ive been feeling weird and i have put on a little weight around my tummy, its comin up to three months since i had sex, im nt with him, i never really was, its a long story for another time, im eating a lot more, and weeing a lot more but this could b stress related, maybe im just imaginin it my mum is pregnant, and ive wanted a baby for ages, i just panicked i wish i hadnt taken the mornin after pill, bt i have herd of babies survivng it? im feelin a bit mixed up, sorry its so long! maybe this al just wishful thinking? wat do u think? xx please help me xx


    Ok, first of all- take a deep breath! You sound pretty confused and a little stressed. Relax, if you are pregnant the last thing the baby needs is stress.

    You really have one way to find out if you are pregnant…take a test. If you are grown up enough to have sex then you are certainly grown up enough to go buy a test and find out for sure. There is nothing wrong with buying a test. What would be wrong at this point is for you to go on worrying and hoping that you aren’t pregnant! Just find out if you are…life will be better when you do.

    You said your mom is pregnant…do you really want to be pregnant at the same time? Prehaps you should wait and see what a baby really requires before you make choices with sex that will make a baby of your own. Life is hard enough and a baby doesn’t make it easier. Babies are a joy, but they are even better when they are concieved in a secure situation with two married parents who are ready and want them. I really believe this…I see it all the time in schools. Single moms have a really hard time, but it’s their kids that get the worst of it all. Children needs both a mom and a dad at home. Ask anyone who grew up with only one parent…they always wished they had the other one too.

    Go, buy the test and find out. I wish you all the best.



    please help me….just wanna hear ur opinions xx

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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