10 week count down

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    princess Angela

    YAY finally made it too 30 weeks though i would never get here to be honest…

    Still feels like forever again… But i no his just around the corner…

    Hope everyone is having a great pregnancy:D

    Speak soon
    Love Angela and Bubs


    Wow i cant believe you have only 10 weeks left now! Your pregnancy has gone really quickly!
    Good luck for the rest,
    Kylie, Jess and bump.


    Congratulations… I know what you mean about the whole 10 weeke count down. I’m in the same spot. Are you keeping the baby? I hope things go smoothly with you and that things work out well for you. Congrats again:) Take care and remember to trust God. He knows what He’s doing… xXx

    princess Angela

    Yes i am keeping the baby.

    princess Angela

    It doesnt seam to have gone quick… very very slow hahahaha I havnt posted on here in a while so probably why its going so fast.
    I just want him to hurry up and get out hahaha my ribs an stuff are hurting and all now

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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