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    hi my name is jackie and im 28 years old. i just found out i was pregnant the day before my birthday, Halloween. I feel u girl. I brought it up too and now i want to have the baby…when i told him that he said he didnt want to see me anymore. he says we should chock it up to a learning experience and that he wishes he never met me. also his 1+1/2 year old daughter came back up )to massachusetts( from florida the same day. all he has done is treated me badly lately, after his other? babys mama came back he did a total 360 on me + its tearing me up. it makes me want to not even have this baby anymore. i know its my decision not his. before he was talking to her he was even talking about starting a family with me.+ sick as this sounds i almost want to have it for the simple fact that he doesnt want me to and i want to ruin i mean utterly destroy his situation with her forever. i dont care if shes married 2 an outlaw or not whats mine is mine you feel me girlfriend? she left him. but ive always played 2nd place to her attention-wise in his life and i blame me for that. so why would he treat me any differently now? My appointments december sixth. all i can think of is how do i get the best revenge on this guy i loved and would have died for. i know it can be done and it will only mess with your head if you let it or if you let jealous people get to you. this is my child and noone is ever going to take that away from me no amount of money success or fame. and we CAN still be successful AND desirable AND self-realized enough that to take our power as women for granted would be to hand over our sexuality to the man-secretly intimidated and to turn our backs on our very essence. As soon as someone gets pregnant everyone has a smile on their face becuz in their mind "oh you arent going anywhere now. you need us." well sister my instincts are telling me you and me need the courage to take heart and reach for those dreams. And once reached, the joy is in taking that beautiful young spirit along as we reach even higher and experience that love that your or my boyfriend{or x in my case} will never i say never get to experience;;;your power is yours. he could be gone tomorrow. and something tells me youre havins a little girl

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    im in the same situation except my boyfrined still wants to be with me he just says this is the right thing to do because the timing is all wrong and he will be there everystep of the way and he genuinely seems to be as upset about the abortion which is scheduled for Dec 8th as I am, but I fall asleep everynight holding my belly and telling this baby I am so sorry and crying asking God to fogive me for what I am about to do… But Honestly a few days ago I thought I was going to loose my mind trying to decide and I said GOD u know whats best please show me or tell me what to do and yesterday I was with my boyfriend and I just got this feeling that everything is going to be ok that God does everything for a reason and I need to take something from this experience and thats that u can have all the love in the world and u can love your child to death but love wont feed that child love wont clothe this child my first child was stillborn so nobody wants a baby more then I do but I learned that even though I love my boyfriend and this is what he wanted in the beginning, I had to be completely real and true to myself and I didnt make a move in any direction until I was sure and comfortable and didnt feel forced, believe me I want my baby, but when I bring a child in this world I want it to have 2 loving parents not 1 parent who wanted them and 1 parent who didnt, however this is and will be my first and last abortion i will not become 1 of those females who treat abortions like minor trips to the grocery store I will do what I should have been doing in the first place having responsible sex w. my bf so that I will never have to put myself or another baby throught this again


    i just want to say to you and any other girl in this sort of situation- it will be okay! i’m 17, and just had a beautiful baby boy almost 2 weeks ago. it is a precious feeling to hold your new baby for the first time and it may be scary, but it will be fine!. about college, you don’t have to give that up either. during the pregnancy, i went to school and then took the GED exam (i passed!) i plan to go to college to be a plebotomist ( i just filled out the forms for financial aid) i give credit to God for all the blessings in my life, i couldn’t have done it without Him being there for me and guiding me. i will be praying for you that you make the best decision, but trust me, everything will be fine!


    hi girls,

    can anyone please tell me if this girl has had her abortion or not


    She didn’t- on another thread she said she’s keeping her baby. She didn’t elaborate on what convinced her to cancel the abortion, but thank God she has a support network like StandUpGirl! You all rock.


    Thank God! I have been praying for her!
    I am so glad she made the right choice.


    Don’t go through with it. THis is my second year in a CHRISTIAN college so you can imagine how i feel. Abrotion will not solve ANYTHING. My pregnancy was from an ex who raped me whom i still talk to. I am also 20 years old and this is my second year in college. If you have faith you can finish college. I’m dropping out for a semester. Your life isn’t over. You just need to find resources that will help you with your baby if you don’t have family support. Believe me there is more help out there than you know. Don’t go through with it. I’m going to live with a friends mother until i can afford to live on my own and go to school. I found out i was pregnant at only 2 weeks i had an instinct feeling the day of conception. Please don’t do this you WILL regret it forever. If you need my help im more than willing to talk to you through e-mail or any other way that seems suitable for you. For me it’s a lot harder being a "Christian" and not not having parents. So if you need help you can definately e-mail me. I hope you make the right decision becuase if i can do it with all my obstacles faced around me so can you.


    Don’t abort your baby. I believe thet babies are a gift from God. Even if you never planned to recieve this gift, and maybe God didn’t either this is plan B for your life. Plan A would have been better, but you can’t go back to plan A, so if you abort your baby (your gift) you start plan C which is not even as good as plan B which you are currently in. I don’t know if you believe in God, but prayer is a powerful thing. I suggest you locate a bible and check your concordance for scriptures on love, and God’s purpose. God loves you and your baby and your baby deserves life. He/she did not ask to be born, but he did not ask to die.


    its as if we are in the same position, I am 21 in university and I am 21 weeks pregnant. I went to the abortion clinic today to have my child disposed of…the only thing was this, something didnt feel right. I went as far as laying on the abortion table and found my legs begining to shake. I was laying there thinking…what am I doing to myself??? why am I here, with these people who want are willing to take my child and dispose of it. Something did not feel right and I told the doctor I dont want to go ahead. The clinic was beautiful and accepting but I dont know if I could ever accept myself after. If God doesnt want me to have this child. He will take it from me in his own way, before my child even sees the light of day, I dont mean to get religious on those who are not religious, but something about the whole prcedure did not seem right,


    The last thing that you wrote is the most important thing you said. When you cry out to God miracles happen. I understand your fears and the confusion and I am so glad that you are having second thoughts. I know that you can be a mom and finish college my friend in Nebraska has 2 on her own and she is almost finished. It has not been an easy road for her but she loves her kids and she is an awesome mom. Having a baby right now sounds scarry and it will be difficult but you will have so much joy in your life with this baby and you will never have to wonder what this child would have looked like or who they would grow up to be, you will be his/her mom and witness it all 🙂 I hope you make the right choice…God Bless….Call upon the Name of the Lord and be saved…..Meg


    I can’t tell you what to do, no one can. This is your decision and yours alone. However I can tell you that I had an abortion on 10/27/06. I did it so that my family wouldn’t find out. I regret it everyday. I still cry over it, not a day goes by that I don’t think about it. To me I killed my child and I don’t recommend an abortion. But you need to make this decision for your self. Good Luck, and follow your heart, not what others are telling you.


    I think your having doubts because you have a baby growing inside of you. Abortion is not the best thing if your having doubts now think about the regret you’ll feel when it’s too late. you have alot of options as far as finishng school goes theres day cares often in college but not only that theres always family and friends and programs that the community provides. If anything Adoption is always an option. THere are alot of women out ther ewho can’t get pregnant and would make wonderful mothers. Good Luck with yor decision trust your instincts.


    If your boyfriend loves you,he will do whatever it takes to make you happy.I’m 15 and 5 months pregnant.I’ll be pro-choice til the day i die,and keeping my baby is my choice. I was strongly considering an abortion, but after a long talk with my parents, I knew that wasn;t the right descision for me.I couldn’t have an abortion now,after feeling my baby move inside me.

    The way i see it, if you go through an abortion whilst being undecided-even the tiniest bit-it may do you a lot of mental damage,especially if you are quite far on. On the other hand,it’s a certainty that if you do have your baby,you will always love him or her,and even though times will be hard,you’ll never regret having it-you may regret the timing,but you will still love your baby.

    My boyfriend is a little like yours-he isn’t exactly delighted with the idea f having a kid yet,but who can blame him-i only told him two days ago.Still,he’s going to support me and stick by me.If you do have your baby,your boyfriend will love it.I just hope you do the right thing…


    I really don’t think you should go through with it. You have a loving father who will help support you and your little baby, and it’s not like you can’t still finish school. This is just a bump in the road. You should try your best to take it in stride. I had an abortion almost a year ago and it was the worst decision I ever made. I wanted to just go on with my life being normal and took the easy way out. But I realize now that was a mistake. I’ve cried many nights and will live with this guilt for the rest of my life….I think about what it would’ve been like to be holding my little baby right now, but the truth is I’ll never know because of my heartless decision. Please make the right choice, because once you’ve had an abortion there’s no turning back and you will have to live with that constant guilt…which by the way isn’t easy to live with….. 🙁


    Hey girl, just read all the posts, and just wanting to say that it’s just a bump in the road, it’s not the end of your life or career or anything. Trust me. It’s your choice at the end of the day, but I had my son at 17, and I’m 19 now and at university doing a journalism and international relations degree…..my son adds so much light to my life.
    PLEASE don’t do it for the sake of not just your baby…but YOU. I have friends who had abortions, and they just look at my baby and wish they never did that.
    A woman at church nearly broke down in tears when I was laughing about how I’ll be 34 at my son’s formal and he could take me lol! because she had an abortion when she was very young and now she’s 45 and she was never able to have children after that.
    So think about it. A baby is not the end of your life. It’s just another adventure, another one of life’s lessons.
    🙂 xx kat


    please consider your decision..ur a little confused i know but a baby is a blessing whether it is planned or not…

    sophia roses mummy

    this was 3yrs ago….



    Please help me :'(
    I’m pregnant, 18, and about to start college. I just told my parents and its a nightmare. they call my baby a cancer and they tell me if i dont abort, they will never talk to me again and they will hate me. I have a fiance who’s 22, and he’s looking for a job. he’s not living with me and we’re in 2 different countries.. he’s trying to find work in Europe but its very hard and we dont know how and when he will find a job or even IF he will :'(
    I’m going to my appointment tomorrow for my first eco.. I dont want to get an abortion but i dont know how i can raise my baby :'( I’m going crazy, i can’t stop crying, i can’t sleep or eat.. and i need to rest because i’m building a life inside me. Please help me i’m exhausted and i have no one on my side.. i’m alone :'( Help me :'(

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