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Worried. Scary stuff happened.

10 years 11 months ago #1 by dillon12
dillon12 replied the topic: Re:Worried. Scary stuff happened.
i think that you should skip the preg test and go straight to the doc justincase you are preg and there could be something they could do. i was in a crash like that a couple of moths ago, if we ddnt have our seat belts on we would of die and it was the scarriest thing ever. gud luck

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  • c.long
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10 years 11 months ago #2 by c.long
c.long replied the topic: Re:Worried. Scary stuff happened.
i am 23 weeks pregnant and i had a high temp for the first few weeks like flushes. thought it was a bad hangover at the start but it lasted a while. i also had bad pains/cramps at the start too so it mite have nothing to do with the crash.

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10 years 11 months ago #3 by chutney
chutney created the topic: Worried. Scary stuff happened.
I've been thinking for about a week now that I could be preg, I haven't spoke to anyone about it apart from my BF, and we were going to get a test next week sometime, because thats the only way you can know for sure. (I've just turned 19 and my BF is 18)

Anyway, Wednesday night I was in quite a bad car crash no one was seriously hurt so I guess we were lucky, but we were chucked about alot, basically my car did a 180 and fell on its side. I was driving and when the other car hit us (we were going round a roundabout and somone just didn't stop at their junction, in fact they didn't even slow down and they ploughed into my BF's side.) My BF, even though he had his seat belt on jolted across into my side and I hit the other side of the car (they said if we hadn't had seat belts on one or both of us could have died! Scary thought.). My car is totalled, but I wasn't really worried about that as I'll get the money back through insurance. But now today, Friday morning, my stomach is absolutely killing me, and I'm worried that the accident could have harmed the baby or will make me have a miscarriage.

I'm not sure if it's just were my seat belt cut into me n its just feeling abit sore and the baby is ok, IF there's a baby there.

Anyway, I guess everyone on here would know as much as me. I think I just want to get my worries out to someone.

And while I'm on the subject. Is a slightly higher temp that lasts for a while an early sign of pregnancy? I've read on the internet that it is. But my BF is sure it's not and thinks the reason my period hasn't come is because I'm ill (he thinks all the symptoms mean I'm ill though...nausea etc) but I don't feel ill just hot, and he's the one that noticed it! Just wondering if anyone else had a temp early on?

Thanks for reading xxx

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