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Could I still be pregnant

11 years 1 month ago #1 by coo19
coo19 replied the topic: HELP - URGENT NEED ADVISE NOW
Rachel wrote:
I'm going to update and shorten this. I go to the doctor tomorrow. in the mean while I am still having signs of pregnancy. Acording to the doctors over the phone they do believe it has been a miscarriage but because I'm still having symptoms they also believe there could be a chance there could have been twins and that only 1 miscarried, They are going to check it out. I myself was a twin and she died the same way. My belly is getting larger as well. Can someone PLEASE tell me something especially if you've ever gone through anything like this. PLEASE!!!!:(<br><br>Post edited by: coo19, at: 2006/10/18 17:07

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  • Rachel
  • Rachel's Avatar Topic Author
11 years 2 months ago #2 by Rachel
Rachel created the topic: Could I still be pregnant
I need help. I am 26 and have been with my fiance' 2 years. We have never used protection which is okay, he has a 6 year old daughter and is okay if this happens but of course he and I would rather plan this out. My periods are like clock work, I can pin point the day I start and I've always been that way. I started as usual on September 11th and ended on September 16th but 2 weeks later on September 28th I started to bleed again. My periods are always painful, I can't take birth control and I have epilepsy which I take medication for. When I started to bleed the second time, right before I became extremely bloated and felt like I had a fever. Once the bleeding started it was EXTREMELY heavy (I went through super-plus tampons every 2 hours) and until I stopped on October 7th there was nothing but blood clots and severe pain. This week I've been having really bad lower back.breasts, cramps and pelvic pain. It was much worse Sunday and Monday but it hasn't stopped and it is painful when we have sex, even wearing tight pants is out of the question. I couldn't even finish cleaning my House the other day I felt so bad. I have stopped bleeding but I still feel tired, bloated and just sick. I've never been pregnant and am wondering if I have had a miscarriage or could still be pregnant. I'm not even sure if I was pregnant but I'm trying to find that out. Right now I'm waiting on my doctor to return my call but I could use advise from someone other than the doc. Please help me I'm so confused and don't know if I could still be pregnant after all this, if I was even pregnant... I don't know. Please help me and tell me your thoughts. Thanks so much.

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