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Might be pregnant from missing birth control pills

11 years 3 months ago #1 by jenras05
jenras05 created the topic: Might be pregnant from missing birth control pills
I have missed birth control pills quite a few times and think I might be pregnant. I am on my inactive pills right now and am on day three and yet no period. I have for the past month been feeling nauseaus whenever I get up out of bed, my breasts have been really sore and these white spots have appeared on my nipples, I am having to urinate like every couple hours, have been extra tired, and getting hot flashes. It says in my birth control pill instruction booklet that if you don't get your period during your inactive week and have missed a pill to take a pregnancy test. So if I don't get my period this whole week I'll ask my doctor for a test when I go in next monday for a pap. I am only 19 and kind of scared...has anyone else gotten pregnant from missing birth control pills? Any support or advice would be well appreciated!!

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