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I think i may be pregnant

11 years 4 months ago #1 by jenras05
jenras05 replied the topic: Re:I think i may be pregnant
Wait and see if you get your period. If you don't then you should test. But you can't just go by the symptoms, I've thought I was pregnant so many times from having the symptoms of pregnancy and turned out not to be. And sometimes when you worry enough about it you can actually fool your body into believing you are pregnant and so it will act that way.

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11 years 4 months ago #2 by missy24
missy24 created the topic: I think i may be pregnant
I don't know what to do.Me and my boyfiend have had sex. I've been stressed out ever since because we got caught up and did'nt mean for it to happen.I have had stomach aches, cramping, back aches, and frequent urinating. I have also been eating a little more and kinda of tired. I haven't missed my period and i dont come on until Jun.30-July2. I've been so stressed out about that this could just be symtoms of stress. My mother asked me if i was having sex and i wanted to tell her so bad but i didnt want to upset her or make her feel disrespected.So i told her no and that we almost did but stopped.Now tomorrow she taking me to the doctor for birth control. But i'm scared i might be pregnant.We had sex on Jun.12 and i've started having those symtoms slowly ever since.First the cramps, then back aches, then alot of urinating, then stomach aches.Yesterday i started eating everything. Today i slept alot. What should i do?

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