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  • steph
  • steph's Avatar
11 years 4 months ago #1 by steph
steph replied the topic: hope this helps
you can indeed have periods througout a pregnancy. i agree you should go to a doctor and get a test done. they will do this in confidence.

but because of your age, your body could just be going through changes.

as to telling your bf that is completely up to you. i would tell my OH but it is different circumstances with you, so id say find out for sure first if your not on talking terms

hope it all works out ok

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  • nicole
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11 years 5 months ago #2 by nicole
nicole replied the topic: Re:PREGNANT OR NOT????
It is possible but not likely, at least thats what my doctor told me. Go to the health clinic near you they will give you a free pregnancy test more than likely. If your breast are tender thats number one proof your more than likely pregnant.

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11 years 5 months ago #3 by Pebbles89
Pebbles89 created the topic: PREGNANT OR NOT????
Well NEVER in my wildest dreams would i have thoght that id be the one questioning if i am pregnant or not.... I mean its always have been friends of mines that would be telling me about them and how theyre expecting but WOW me!!!! Im not really sure if i am or anything because i havnt missed a period BUT i know people who still had theyre periods while pregnant.... I REALLY REALLY need help because lately i have been feeling very welll lets just say sick and ive been eating things i wouldnt normally eat... like a whole pack of oreos or crunch n munchs.... Im only 16 i will be 17 on the 16th of july and me and my boyfriend arent on good terms right now...
im not sure if i should tell him of my concerns. My stomach went from a flat pack to more than a lil pudgy and all i do now is sleep sleep sleep...its been a couple of months since i did any thing but im not sure. Is it possible that im pregnant even if i didnt miss my cycle....Im CONFUSED :unsure: :(

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