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Baby names?!!!!!!

1 year 4 months ago #1 by aubreygraham
aubreygraham replied the topic: Baby names?!!!!!!
There are many fare better names Kit, sabd, Noe

Some short and nice names for boys.

Well I have never heard the name Tj, searched it and surprisingly found it in baby names Australia
Seriously people are naming anything to their child. :ohmy:

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11 years 5 months ago #2 by lauren_14_depressed
lauren_14_depressed replied the topic: Re:Baby names?!!!!!!
i tink these are nice boys names :
connor :blush: dunno bout u :blush:

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  • A'Shadiyah
  • A'Shadiyah's Avatar Topic Author
11 years 5 months ago #3 by A'Shadiyah
A'Shadiyah replied the topic: Re:Baby names?!!!!!!
Maya(means princess)

May'Moonah(this one means blessed)

Najmah(means Star)

A'Shadiyah(means cute,perfect,princess)

Ayeisha(means life)

Yasminah(right and proper;blessed)

Yameenah(sweet smelling flower)

Aminah(means trustworthy,faithful)

Barirah(means faithful and devoted)



Yasmeen(jasmine flower)

Yelda(Dark Night)

Yasnah(means white-rose)

Amaya(everybody loves this name it means night rain)

Vardah(means rose)

Boys names....

Dani(meaning near,close)

Dameer(means light)





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11 years 6 months ago #4 by Kit
Kit replied the topic: Re:Baby names?!!!!!!
I'm not sure. There are a ton of books and sites of baby names, but lists of 100,000 baby names can almost be more overwhelming than helpful sometimes.

1. My husband and I both have large families. We decided we wanted to avoid naming the baby with a name that is shared with cousins, aunts, uncles etc. which narrowed down the names some. (middle names were fair game though)
2. We wanted a name that wasn't super common and ordinary, but one that was not too far out there that people would hear it and say \"huh?\"
3. We went through lists and we both picked out names that we liked and hated to narrow down the list to about 20 girl and boy names that we both thought had potential.
4. Look up the meanings of the names and see if you like the meanings and if they are a fit with the pregnancy or the child's characteristics after they are born.
5. Keep in mind what initials spell. Our last name begins with an S so Steven Orlando or Ashley Sarah wouldn't be good picks.
6. I wanted to wait to hold the baby and see what the baby was like before deciding definitivly on a final name. (Although we did end up going with the name we were leaning towards before the baby was born)

For some reason the initials AJ seemed to jump out at us throughout the pregnancy. We had a difficult pregnancy. The doctors warned that our son might have some serious defects, but he pulled through just fine. It was really a miracle. We chose the name Aidan John. Aidan means fiery because he seems to be a fighter and have spirit. My favorite two uncles are both named John, we go to St. John's church and my husband's favorite book of the bible is John, so it seemed like a fitting middle name. When we chose Aidan early in the pregnancy it seemed a little unusual still but I'm seeing the name popping up everywhere now. I guess everybody else thought it seemed like a good name too.

Hope this helps.


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  • *jess*
  • *jess*'s Avatar Topic Author
11 years 6 months ago #5 by *jess*
*jess* created the topic: Baby names?!!!!!!
Right then guys, need a bit of help.....im not very creative and want my baby (im not sure what it is yet!!) to have a beautiful name...but i need some ideas!!! So feel free to leave me a post!!!

Luv ya all!

jess x x x

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