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I'm so clueless

  • Piper
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11 years 8 months ago #1 by Piper
Piper created the topic: I'm so clueless
Hi there,

I have been seeing this guy for some time and our relationship had been on and off mostly on and then one day he decided he was not going to call me or do anything. So one day he calls me without any explanation and then we continue our relationship again then he does the same thing again he goes days without calling me and then I decided you know what I am not going to stress myself with this guy cause clearly he does not have time for me. So, one day my periods did not show up and i was worried but then I thought no it is fine. I had not seen this guy for a month now and when I went to the doctor he told me I was pregnant luckily for me I had not slept or gotten involved with anyone. I went to this guy and told him that i was pregnant he wanted to know who the father was and I told him he was. He did not say anything I was more worried about what my dad was going to say even though I was a grown up now. The guy did not say a word he did not say he would'nt take care of the baby or anything. One day I went to his place and he said that so many people are going to be dissapointed and that this will change his life...I got so angry...but could not tell him. :sick: But I was going to keep the baby. See I do not have a mother and I do not know what to do if a guy does this? I do not know whether to call him, sms him or just leave him as he is not saying a thing about the baby. He calls sometimes to ask how we are doing? What should I do to get him more involved in the babies life? :huh:

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