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R these early symptoms

  • Sherry
  • Sherry's Avatar Topic Author
12 years 7 months ago #1 by Sherry
Sherry replied the topic: Are these early symptoms
I had a miscarraige back in November. My husband and I have been trying. We recently made love, and as early as this is (I am due for my cycle) my husband and my oldest son are convinced that I am expecting. I am nasuas, my bb are enlarged and emotionally I got weepy over nothing yesterday, which is completely unlike me. I have two healthy, beautiful boys, and I researched the internet, called my OB/GYN to ask how early you can start feeling the signs. I have read they can start as early as 4 days after conception. My Doctors office told me to already take a pregnancy test. I am hoping that this is not just wishful thinking, but my sleep is off, I get Nasuas at ANY time, and just don't feel like the regular me. One thing every article and my own Doctor said, EVERY pregnancy is different, and every woman is differnt. Good Luck whether you want a baby or are not ready. Stress can definatly be a factor, but research, and knowing yourself is important too. And DONT be afraid to ask a Doctor questions.

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  • sasha
  • sasha's Avatar Topic Author
12 years 7 months ago #2 by sasha
sasha replied the topic: Re:R these early symptoms
if your period doesn't come wait a week after to take a PT. also its suppose to take up to 4-7 week before you get symptoms. The symptoms I had were like something pushing on my rib cages when I took breathes mostly when I walked, I thought my period was coming due to soar breast, the next day wasnt sore but would come back. and constipation for a long time can be a sign...

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  • Tee*~Tee
  • Tee*~Tee's Avatar Topic Author
12 years 7 months ago #3 by Tee*~Tee
Tee*~Tee created the topic: R these early symptoms

Ok here it go's i have been having these odd feelings in my abdoman and i have also been feeling slugish but no able 2 fall asleep and my breast are not really tender but a little i took there little test and it said my most fertile day was march 24th and that was the day i had unprotected sex my period is'nt suppose to come till' the 13th of this month but i'm still a little worried also i dont have any of these symptoms before my period i never have any.......... can any 1 give me a little advise :ermm: :unsure:

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