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What is wrong?

  • donja
  • donja's Avatar Topic Author
12 years 4 weeks ago #1 by donja
donja replied the topic: Re:What is wrong?
Don't panic!! Be grateful you have a husband, who is hopefully supportive. The tests can be wrong, often that is unlikely. Have you been under a lot of stress? Lost a lot of weight? Both of those things can make your period late. If you are very concerned then go to the doctor. I just made an appointment and went with my last daughter. We weren't even sure. The best thing to do is find out. Atkins isn't going to work with a pregnancy that is for sure. Missing a period happens to a lot of women so stay calm and if it makes you feel better call your ob/gyn.

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12 years 4 weeks ago #2 by Mandi
Mandi replied the topic: Re:What is wrong?
I'm late for my period also and my tests have all been negative so far. But I'm only 4 days late and they say not to test until 7-10 fo accurate results. If I were u, I would get a blood test done because HCG levels vary in all women. Just to be safe!!! As for your husband, I would be up front and say \"I'm late and I need to find out for sure and go to the doctor\". If you really are worried about him getting alarmed, this may sound bad but you can always go w/o telling him. Just don't stress over it. Nothing can be changed by stressing yourself out, it only makes the situation worse. Good luck!!

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12 years 4 weeks ago #3 by Kit
Kit replied the topic: Re:What is wrong?

Starting the Atkins diet won't have delayed your period, but changes in diet particularly as drastic as the Atkins diet can have effects on your body and potentially your cycle. My mom has been on the Atkins diet. While she has lost weight she seems a lot more fragile and forgetful. I'm not sure that the diet has been good for her, and I really worry about that. I'm not sure that the Atkins diet safe and healthy. I think it would be better to try to avoid processed white carbs and stick only to whole grains and less processed carbs - just my 2 cents.

I doubt that you are pregnant if you had several negative pregnancy tests. My guess is that for some reason your period is just irregular this month. If you are concerned you should probably see your doctor to have a blood test or to get checked out to find out if there is another reason why you are late. I don't want to advise you to lie to your husband. I suppose you could just go to the doctor without telling your husband, or could just tell him you have a routine gynological exam. It isn't advised to be on the Atkins diet or any fad diet if you are pregnant. Best wishes.


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  • Jessica
  • Jessica's Avatar Topic Author
12 years 4 weeks ago #4 by Jessica
Jessica created the topic: What is wrong?
My period should of come on the 13th of October; it is now late by a week. I took a pregnacy test twice (one the 14th and one on the 18th) both came back negative. I started the Atkins diet on the 17th of October, that should not affect my period because I was already late before I started the diet. I have been hungary but again the diet only allows you to consume 20 carbs a day. I have been a little more grumpy lately, but I get mean when I am hungary. The only thing I feel thats even close to signs is the week that my period was due I had some light cramping and acne breakouts. My only problem is the test keeps coming back negative and I don't want to go to a doctor because I don't want to alarm my husband. What should I do, What could be wrong?

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