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please dont laugh

  • DoulaMomma2
  • DoulaMomma2's Avatar
12 years 4 weeks ago #1 by DoulaMomma2
DoulaMomma2 replied the topic: Re:please dont laugh
Hey, no one is laughing trust me.
Now don't freak out, but it is possible. There are a lot of girls out there that their hyman hasn't broken yet and they get pregnant.
There is no such thing as \"proper\" sex. He may not have gone inside you and ejacualted, but there is something called pre-ejaculation or pre-cum. That is sperm also and it can get you pregnant.
I would definitely take a pregnancy test to calm your nerves so you know.
I would also definitely talk to your doctor about all of this.
Good luck!

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12 years 4 weeks ago #2 by Kit
Kit replied the topic: Re:please dont laugh

I promise not to laugh. I had oral sex before I had regular intercourse. I wasn't sure whether I could still call myself a virgin or not. It is not possible to get pregnant unless a sperm cell fuses with an egg cell. If you haven't had contact with semen in any form than you do not need to worry -- there is no way that you could be pregnant (short of divine intervention). If you have engaged in sexual activity that caused your partner to ejaculate and get semen in or near your vagina there is a slight chance that you could get pregnant, even if your hymen has never been broken through regular intercourse. Hope this helps.


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  • Jayne
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12 years 1 month ago #3 by Jayne
Jayne created the topic: please dont laugh
please dont laugh.

Can you get pregnant if your hymen isnt broken?
Im 16, and I havent had proper sex, but my periods late, my boobs have been getting bigger and I just feel worried.

What do I do? I mean, theres no way Im pregnant right?

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