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Well Am I or aren't I?

  • Brittney
  • Brittney's Avatar Topic Author
12 years 5 hours ago #1 by Brittney
Brittney replied the topic: Re:Well Am I or aren't I?
The best thing to do is go to your doctor and have them do a urine test, if it still says no, ask for a blood test. Blood tests are the only true way to know if your pregnant when the urine test says you're not. A friend of mine took 5 preg tests when she thought she was pregnant and they all came up negative, she finally went to the doctor when she started to show and their test came up neg. She went for a blood test and that said she was 5 months along. In her 9th month of preg she took a preg test as a joke and it was NEGATIVE! Blood tests show the preg hormone levels and are the only 100% sure way to find out.

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12 years 20 hours ago #2 by Kit
Kit replied the topic: Re:Well Am I or aren't I?

Perhaps it is too early to detect the level of hormone necessary to trip a positive pregnancy result. Or perhaps you're not pregnant and there may be other reasons for your symptoms. If you are still late in another week I would take another test, or even better see your doctor to find out what is going on (a blood test can detect lower levels than urine tests.) Good luck.


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  • Jessica
  • Jessica's Avatar Topic Author
12 years 1 day ago #3 by Jessica
Jessica created the topic: Well Am I or aren't I?
Okay, I am about 5 days later...I've had a cramping sensation that almost feels like ovulation pain, my nipples are like swollene and erect all of the time (as nasty as that sounds) and are sore to touch. I have had a ridiculous amount of clear cervical mucus, very wet, and I did have some white cloudy mucus yesterday. My face has been breaking out....sounds like I'm pregnant huh? Well I took a test this motning and it was negative. What do I do? :ermm:

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