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Questions about Miscarriage

12 years 2 months ago #1 by Kit
Kit replied the topic: Re:Questions about Miscarriage
Even if your boyfriend pulls out there is still sperm in pre-ejaculate so you can still get pregnant. If you want to avoid getting pregnant I would either wait to have sex with your b/f until you were both ready for parenthood or use condoms and/or birth control.

Luckily I have never experienced a miscarriage (at least that I am aware of). Before I was on birth control my cycles were very heavy, painful and extremely irregular. I'm not sure how a normal cycle is for you, but if you are still having unusual sharp pain you should probably see a doctor to check things out.


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  • Lovelylilmomma2
  • Lovelylilmomma2's Avatar Topic Author
12 years 2 months ago #2 by Lovelylilmomma2
Lovelylilmomma2 created the topic: Questions about Miscarriage
I just have a quick question about miscarriages..... I just started my period on Friday the 26th and Friday night I had a major leakage problem... I had a tampon in for 3 hours and I overflowed..... (sorry about the description) Well, since I started I have had a major sharp pain in my abdomen and it hasn't gone away..... I have never had symptoms like this before and I have had my period for 6 years..... This morning (Saturday the 27th) my period has slowed down a lot, almost to the point that all day long I could probably use 1 tampon (i don't), but I was just wondering??? I mean we always have sex without protection, and he pulls out before cumming, so I just don't know if it is just an extreme case of Menstral Pains, or if I was pregnant and miscarried (It would have only been a few weeks old).... Sorry about the rambling, if you can help I'd appreciate it.


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