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Pregnant without ovulating? Is this possible?

12 years 2 months ago #1 by Kit
Kit replied the topic: Re:Pregnant without ovulating? Is this possible?
Since it sounds like your cycles are generally regular, the times you had sex were PROBABLY not during ovulation, which would make it less likely that you cenceived. However I would not rely on your cycle being regular or that ovulation could not have occurred. If the last time was August 17 I would wait another week (or two) and take the test again if your period still has not started. I understand how you feel. Your situation reminds me of two pregnancy scares I had in the past. In the meantime try not to panic or worry too much until you know for sure. Have you discussed the situation with your boyfriend? Hopefully he can be there for you in this stressful time and if you are pregnant will be supportive of you and the baby. Good luck.

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  • RLK
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12 years 2 months ago #2 by RLK
RLK created the topic: Pregnant without ovulating? Is this possible?

I'm pretty well-informed about the biology of pregnancy, but that's leaving me with more questions than answers, as I have found myself in an ambiguous situation.

My cycles are usually pretty regular, with an average length of 25-28 days. I am 18, and was never sexually active until this summer. That was when I started to keep close watch on my cycles. Today is August 24th, and I am awaiting my period that is nearly a week late (the start of my last period was July 22nd... so that puts me at 34 days and counting!). I had unprotected sex (but he removed his penis before he came) on August 13th and August 17th... about a week AFTER I should have been ovulating. So it would have been really hard for me to conceive, right? I've taken two pregnancy tests, which both came up negative. I know realize that if I did indeed conceive on these two dates, that it'd be too early to tell with the test (even though it's way past the first day of my missed period).

I've been doing a lot of research, but I can't find any information that applies to my case. Is it possible for me to be pregnant even though I was most likely not fertile on the days we had sex? Does anyone have ANY information on this? Do you think it's just possible that I've missed my period because I'm worrying sooo much?!

Please give me some info!

Thanks so much

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