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3 negative pee test.....

4 years 2 months ago #1 by Elisabeth22
Elisabeth22 replied the topic: 3 negative pee test.....
Congrats as well! I agree with Meg...all women are different and thus we all test differently. Trust yourself and your body. Urine tests are not definitive, so for peace of mind and for your health, I think a blood test is definitely the way to go. You have the right to demand that for yourself. Good luck and hope all goes well! Please let us know what you find out. :)


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4 years 3 months ago #2 by Meg11
Meg11 replied the topic: 3 negative pee test.....
Hey there, Congratulations on your marriage....The best time to take a urine test is first thing in the morning with your first urine of the day, that is when they are MOST accurate....I am not a doctor but I have a few experiences that you may be relating to, my first pregnancy I was 5 weeks along when I had a NEGATIVE BLOOD TEST....It is not common but also not impossible to be pregnant while getting a negative test, urine or blood....I found out through a positive urine test at 7 weeks and found that my baby had been hung up in my fallopian tube and thankfully she did not implant there but painfully moved down to my uterus, this is what caused my tests to be inaccurate....to know a little more of the details check out My Stand Up Girl Story under the Sisterhood tab, the first few posts go into the story of finding out I was pregnant.....My last pregnancy I was 11 days late before I showed up faintly on a urine test, she was ALSO hung up right between my tube and uterus, had she stayed there and implanted she could have ruptured my uterus...Some women show up bold positive before they are late, and others like myself do not register as quickly....If you have family history of tubal pregnancies and or if the pain in your abdomen increases from a slight cramp to a stabbing pain then I would not only demand a blood test but an ultrasound....Peace of mind is so important so be sure to communicate your needs to your doctor, if they wont meet them, find a new one! A woman knows her body better than ANYONE else out there, ALWAYS trust your gut and seek out a medically provable answer!...I hope you will let us know what you find out! <3 Meg

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4 years 3 months ago #3 by redneckgirl
redneckgirl created the topic: 3 negative pee test.....
My period is late...I just got married in August and the week I got married was when i was to get my period...Every morning and sometimes throughout the day I get nauseous, I'm peeing all the time and get dizzy from time to time. My boobs dont hurt but my nipples are a little more sensitive then normal. I have also had some pain in my lower belly but not like a cramp. My stomach is hard also. I"ve taken 2 pregnancy tests and went to the doctor this week and took one and it was negative again.. I still haven't got my period so my question is should I request a blood test??? .

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