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17 and scared

5 years 3 months ago #1 by MollySUG
MollySUG replied the topic: Re: 17 and scared
Hi Brit-

I would like you to go see your doctor right away! It is important that you one find out why you are bleeding and 2 find out why you have not had your period. It could be a combination of many things, but since I am not a doctor, I really want to encourage you to call your doctor ASAP!Please get back to me and let me know what the doctor says, ok?

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5 years 4 months ago #2 by brittmarie450
brittmarie450 created the topic: 17 and scared
so im 17 and a month ago my boyfriend at the time and i had unprotected sex, we were together for a year and just broke up, i was on birthcontrol pills but i would always accidentally take them later than what i was supposed to. lately ive been having morning sickness, peeeing all the time, gagging at foods i used to love, scarriest was when i orderd a medium rare steak and when i cut it open i was gagging to where i had to walk out of the resturaunt to get air, im always sleeping and my breasts went from a full B cup to a small C over night. i always catch myself rubbing my stomach saying mommy loves you baby girl then thinking wtf am i doing. this morning i woke up with heavy cramping and bleeding like a period. i know im pregnant, but could this be from me stopping my birth control? also i do have problems with ovarian cysts bursting could it be my ovaries cleaning its self out?

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