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What do you think, am i pregnant?

5 years 5 months ago #1 by teka33
teka33 replied the topic: Re: What do you think, am i pregnant?
Hey Anicole!
Your symptoms could be your body re adjusting to birth control. Once you go off it and back on, your body has to re establish those hormones. As for the bleeding, that could be a UTI or maybe bleeding from having sex. I would consult your doctor and for the time being refrain from having sexual intercourse. And if youre for sure you are probably pregnant i would stop taking your birth control. Contact your doctor. :) Please let us know how everything goes! :)


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5 years 5 months ago #2 by anicole
anicole created the topic: What do you think, am i pregnant?
I came off birth control for about a month because i thought i was pregnant. My period came on April 22nd and i started my pills back up on April 29th (at night). I did not realize that you had to be on your pills for a certain amount of time before they came effective and my boyfriend and i had sex twice on the 1st of May. He did come inside of me both times but i didn't think anything of it. On the 9th of May i had some cramps, which wasn't normal for me. I read that this might be implantation cramps? Since then i have had MANY symptoms including sensitivity to light, gas, back aches, headaches, pressure in my lower abdomen, frequent (i guess you could call them nose bleeds), and peeing more frequently. Yesterday morning i used the restroom and as i was walking to my class i felt as if i wet myself. I later checked and it seemed to be a watery, redish discharge. I've never had that before and last night i woke up multiple times to pee and i felt as if i was going to vomit. I'm really worried that maybe i had a miscarriage? i took a pregnancy test yesterday (5/17) and it came back negative. Please help! Thank you so much! Sorry i know that is long...

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