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REALLY awkward question...

6 years 2 weeks ago #1 by Izzi
Izzi replied the topic: Re: REALLY awkward question...
Not awkward at all. For what I've been told is that it really depends on whether you breast feed or not. Your nipples tend to become a lot larger, and darker during pregnancy and will remain a similar size until you wean the baby. I gave birth over a week ago now and I'm already noticing them going back to normal but that's because I'm bottle feeding.

I think the idea is that every pregnancy is different, so there's a chance your boobs and nipples will return to something similar to what they were but they can also not, despite age.I think also if you breast feed it usually affects your boobs and nipples pretty permanently but I'm not expert. And I think with most people, they'll never look exactly the same as they used to, pregnancy does some weird and permanent things to your body.

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6 years 2 weeks ago #2 by KenziiRose
KenziiRose created the topic: REALLY awkward question...
Nipples. Yeah, we're girls we have them.
Question: Will they shrink a little bit after the baby is born?
Mine have become larger, not incredibly noticably to anyone but me, but I wanna know will they'll ever shrink again?
I'm 15, so i'm pretty elastic still, saggyness is not a worry as much as shrinky-ness.
Thank you(:
Sorry for the awkward. just thought i'd be straight and to the point(:

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