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My Mucus Plug??

  • Leanne
  • Leanne's Avatar
12 years 3 months ago #1 by Leanne
Leanne replied the topic: Re:My Mucus Plug??
Hi- I hope you feel better soon! As far as your tailbone goes, I have a friend who had that happen just recently too! It turned out that her tailbone was pointed out the wrong way- that the baby put so much pressure on it, it was pointing out. She went to a few chiropractic visits after the baby was born and was fine. Just an FYI for you

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  • guest
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12 years 3 months ago #2 by guest
guest replied the topic: Re:My Mucus Plug??
I'm really sorry about your struggle to get good health care. I know that Medicaid is really frustrating - but it is from the doctor's perspective, too. (I was a foster mother and used Medicaid for my foster son.) It was quite discouraging. Yes, the doctors still get paid, but they get a negotiated rate that is lower than private insurance pays - and it takes a very long time for them to get their money! They often FEEL like they are working for free. And then they get too many patients who are rude and demanding to them... It is easy for them to get a chip on their shoulder toward all Medicaid patients. (It's not right, but it is easy!) This in no way excuses rudeness or sub-standard care, but it might help you feel a little less irritated to know that there is a good chance the doctors aren't irritated with you, but with the system.<br><br>Post edited by: Julie, at: 2005/08/26 05:43

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  • My_Beautiful_Belly
  • My_Beautiful_Belly's Avatar Topic Author
12 years 3 months ago #3 by My_Beautiful_Belly
My_Beautiful_Belly replied the topic: Re:My Mucus Plug??
thanks for the congrats! :) well, what makes me mad about the whole thing is this: ok, medicaid is there to help people who can't afford health insurance, ya know? it's not like the doctor's don't get paid, they still get their money from the government. so why do patients on medicaid get treated differently? it's really not fair. and about them getting a chip on their shoulder when 'a child is having a child': they honestly should be supporting teenagers who decide to go through with their pregnancies, and have that baby. it shows a big sense of maturity on our parts. we accept the fact that there's a little life growing inside of us, and are taking our responsibility as a young mother now, and fulfilling our duties. in my opinion, they should be supporting me, not pushing me to the side because im young and saying i have too many complaints. doesn't the fact that i'm having my baby, and worried about her and my well-being mean anything to them? i mean, i thought that doctors were there to help us. :unsure: i care about my child, and what happens to her, i would give my life for this baby that i have never even met yet, but already love so much! and it aggravates me that they don't even want to give me the time of day. they don't even return my calls! you know what i sometimes think?? i really sometimes think that the reason they are like this with teenagers is because they think in their heads that we would be better off if something happened to the baby, that way we wouldn't have that on our hands anymore. and that is sad, but that is really what i think when doctors act like that. if a 30 year old woman went in there with the same problems or questions i am having, im pretty sure they would send her right over to labor and delivery to be evaluated.

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  • preggers_wk34
  • preggers_wk34's Avatar
12 years 3 months ago #4 by preggers_wk34
preggers_wk34 replied the topic: Re:My Mucus Plug??
Midwifes and doctors can sometimes get a \"chip\" on their shoulder when in their mind its a child having a child. i get that attitude also and im going to be 21 in sep and am currently 34 weeks pregnant. However i can say that you and only you know how your body feels . If you are in pain . i would just go to the emergency room and have things looked at. procrastination and waiting can only harm the baby. and so what if they think your whining. hehe your allowed :D ignor them . my mom is a dr so i get to ask her some extra stuff the help me from worrying like you . i also lost my first pregnant i was over 5 months pregnant with twins. and it was very hard for my husband and i to go through . healthcare is a little different here in canada * im assuming your in the states* as ive never heard of medicade or whatever it was. but i know that i lost part of my plug but not all. and i to have severe pain . however my dr dismissed mine when i explained it to her. than about two weeks later i got up one mornign and had stabbing pain in my right side under my ribs and in my side by my back. after about three hours of crying i called my mom at work she thought perhaps it was back labour. i called my husband who took about 5 hours to get home. he is in the canadian navy and it took him a little while to get a realease for the day to come home. by the time he got home i had already called an ambulance literally. i couldnt move i could barely breathe or anything. turns out i had started to have kidney failure my skin turned yellow from jaundice. it was horrible. im convinced this is NOT what is wrong with you so dont panic. hehe i have had kidney problems before but its just a case at how sometimes dr.. just dont know. hehehe in my expirence everyone i know tha thas lost there plus or even part of usually had the baby within 3 weeks. if your already starting to soften you wont have that much longer to go . i personally hope you can hang on at least until week 35. to give your baby the best chance. usually by week 35 the lungs are mostly mature. if at anytime you are in pain that makes you want to scream and cry . i would say that isnt normal . i also have something called sciatica as well as ddd * degeneritive disk disease* so i have back problems as well. but my pain stay in my legs. sometimes i cannot move my right leg. without pain . it doesnt go up above my tailbone though . just get lots of rest drink lots of fluids and dont be too too active. and if you think you lost your plug dont ahve sex, and dont bath just to be sure you dont get an infection or cause anything to happen . i wish you the best of luck..... :D congradulations on your lil girl :D B)

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  • My_Beautiful_Belly
  • My_Beautiful_Belly's Avatar Topic Author
12 years 3 months ago #5 by My_Beautiful_Belly
My_Beautiful_Belly replied the topic: Re:My Mucus Plug??
well, i will have to go buy some lavender lotion then. :) i'm open to try anything at this point that will relieve some of the aches and pains and expecially make me relax. i'm always so tense lately it seems like. i developed a new discomfort sometime between last night and today, and it is driving me absolutely crazy! my tailbone is KILLING me, it feels like i broke it LOL seriously though, it feels like i severely bruised it somehow. it hurts to sit, and what's weird is that i thought if i sat on a soft surface it would feel a little better, but it actually seems to make it even more sore. it hurts the worse when i have been sitting for a while and then try to get up. you'd think that would relieve the pain being the pressure is being relieved off of it. i guess the baby is just putting pressure on everything. i just don't see how my tailbone could suddenly start hurting at the drop of a hat. it's never hurt before. but hey! my back hasn't hurt nearly as bad today now that my tailbone has started hurting. :) one problem solves itself, and i get another! lol

well, i haven't had any really 'labor' symptoms i guess you could say lately... today i started getting more braxton-hicks than is usual, but there was no pattern between them, they were just on and off all day. they are starting to hurt a little, though. not bad, just a slightly aggravating pain. as far as the discharge thing, i passed another clump of the same stuff as before yesterday. there was no pink tint to it though, and no blood. it was just really slimy, kind of stringy, and white and clear this time... my next appointment is august 31 at 9:00am. hopefully i'll get all my answers then, and a lot of things cleared up. my husband is going with me, and they are usually a lot nicer and answer more questions when he asks something, so i'm just gonna get him to ask the midwife everything. besides, he's more pushy than i am and doesn't mind being rude if he doesn't get his way. lol ;)


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  • Stephanie
  • Stephanie's Avatar
12 years 3 months ago #6 by Stephanie
Stephanie replied the topic: Re:My Mucus Plug??
The lavender just helps you relax, but if you don't have lavender then any lotion will work just as good. My baby started \"dropping\" into the cannal 2 weeks ago but she was head down at 32 weeks. I would say what you have is the same thing sounds something like the explanation I was given by my doctor. Take advantage of those back and foot rubs now, and take good care of yourself! hope the hear that things start to look up for you and that you start to feel better!


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