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6 years 9 months ago #1 by Paige1827
Paige1827 replied the topic: Re: CONFUSED!!!!
thankz for the advice. im going to take it on board. well me and him was very rocky cuz he had a lot of family problems and so last night me and him broke up after going on a break the night before. now he dont know if there is ever going to be an us again. hes having time to think about it and sort his head out but tbh i dont know how much i can wait. i love him to much to go and leave him but the thing is he dont know how long we are going to be like this and he dont know if i can wait. but i know i will cuz i love him so much, but my grandparents want me to.
but thankz for the advice xxx

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6 years 9 months ago #2 by Meg11
Meg11 replied the topic: Re: CONFUSED!!!!
Hey there...It is very normal to feel like you are pregnant when you want to be pregnant...your mind can play some pretty mean tricks on you...it is also very normal to want to get pregnant after you have lost a baby to miscarriage...its ok to want that and feel that way but honey, I think you already know that it is not the most responsible and loving thing to do for you, your bf or your future children...You just have to hang in there....I lived house to house from the time I was 14 till I was 19, I lived with my bf when I was 16, we were NOT ready for that...I lived with him at his dads house but I was not allowed to stay the night when he was at his moms house...I remember one time we went to a concert and his mom caught me sneaking in through his window that night, it was late and we were closer to his moms house so we were going to stay there...well I was unable to, he walked with me several blocks away where he knew there was an after concert party, I used to live at that house a year earlier and he had no idea that when I lived there I had been raped by the guy who lived there...I had to stay there that night while he went back to his moms house...I slept on a top bunk bed under coats and stray blankets, I did not want the guy who lived there to know that I was there...it was scary...at 16 we just don't have it together enough to be in a live in relationship, Take some time, you have a lot of years left for living together, hopefully ending up in marriage if you are going to take those steps but don't rush into things so fast, if you cannot be self sufficient and pay your own bills, live in your own appt without help from parents or government then you should not move in together at 16...I did it, doesn't work out so well, I had to learn a lot of things the hard way, I didn't have someone to come along side of me and encourage me with the experience they had already painfully paid for...give it some thought and just worry about you for now, do well in school, dream and take healthy steps towards accomplishing those dreams...Much Love...Meg

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  • justmeandmalorie!
  • justmeandmalorie!'s Avatar
6 years 9 months ago #3 by justmeandmalorie!
justmeandmalorie! replied the topic: Re: CONFUSED!!!!
i am so sorry to hear about what happened to you. you are so strong to keep going through life
ive been told that after a miscarry your body can still go through the same symptoms and such for a while becuz ur body is basically in shock...give it time to re adjust

now anout you wanting to try again....please do not do that yet. i am sixteen and about 30 weeks pregnant and it is so hard and stressful. even though i am gettin through easier than i thought. i think that you may be wanting to try again because you feel a little emptiness in ur heart from losing ur baby. that is not a reason to get pregnant i am not trying to be mean in any way
wouldnt you love to have ur high school diploma and maybe a little college background and engaged before u bring a child into the world. it would be better becuz then you could giv ethe baby everything and more.....

i hope u take my advice any questions please do not hesitate at all to talk to me. i am here for anyone that needs me

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6 years 9 months ago #4 by Paige1827
Paige1827 created the topic: CONFUSED!!!!
as alot of you know i lost my baby on xmas day and still miss him/her very much, but the thing is i still feel as if im pregnant and i still have a lot of the symptoms i had when i was pregnant, also i have a bit of a bump, not much but i have one and im kinda getting confused on all this. sometimes it feels like i have the butterflies in my tummy like i did when i was pregant. IS THIS NORMAL??

also, im 16 this year and my boyfriend 16 next year, weve been talking about moving in together when we turn 16 but only for a few days a week, and now thats its approaching fast i think hes having second thoughts about it all. i mean ive said we can wait to tryin for another baby. but could i be wanting this just cuz ive lost my baby and i want him to be close or what?? i dont know, this is what im starting to think but i dont know. i love him dont get me wrong and i do want us to be together but am i rushing it or is his backing out?? HELP. Advice would be prechiated greatly

Courtney xxx

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