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I need advice please ? Am i Pregnant?

7 years 5 months ago #1 by Mommieofchris
Mommieofchris replied the topic: Re:I need advice please ? Am i Pregnant?
Well when it comes to discontinuing the use of birthcontrol.. my body did the weirdest things, things the dr even said wouldnt happen. i had decently normal periods before the pill.. after the pill.. i would bleed for a couple weeks, then nothing for a month, then maybe a day of light bleeding, negative pregnancy tests blah blah blah.. the dr would do blood work that would come back impossiable.. like the harmones would be all over the charts.. and i would have the symptoms of pregnancy.. but i wasnt. so they treated me with the pill again to regulate the harmones.. i stoped the pill to become pregnant... and back to the same ol stuff.. at one point i had a positive pregnancy test one day (blood test) then a week later it was negative, and still no period.. when i did get pregnant i was having cycles that were anywhere from 28 days to 55 days long... and they have tested me for everything... so the way your body acts after harmonal birthcontrol can be very un predictable!! i would deff go to the dr.

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7 years 5 months ago #2 by Stockton09
Stockton09 replied the topic: Re:I need advice please ? Am i Pregnant?
Sounds to me like you might be pregnant. When I got pregnant I wasn't having regular periods. I actually hadn't had one for quiet a while. The best thing you can do is go to the doctor and get a blood test done. I hope all is well, and if your pregnant and need someone to talk to i'll be here! (:

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7 years 5 months ago #3 by queenB
queenB replied the topic: Re: I need advice please ? Am i Pregnant?
It's impossible for anyone to know whether or not you are having an ectopic pregnancy via the internet. Not even a doctor would diagnose someone without a physical examination. However, if you think that you are experiencing symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy, you should see your doctor. He/she can give you a physical examination and be able to diagnose your situation. If nothing else seeing a doctor will put your mind at ease. Do you have a doctor in your area that you can call?

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7 years 5 months ago #4 by rawrr
rawrr created the topic: I need advice please ? Am i Pregnant?
Hello i am a seventeen year old, I Have a twenty year old partner, We have sex regularly.......... We have been together for over a year now, About 3 - 4 months ago i decided to stop taking my pill, About 2 weeks after stopping my pill my period arrived, it lasted longer than usual but i thought that was just because it was getting out of my system, since then i had one regular period, three weeks ago i i bleed for what i thought was my period but it only lasted one day with very little blood....I have been experiencing Extreme tiredness,Bloating( i feel really fat ) A sore back.. and very sore hip on my right side (aching pain), I feel sick constantly.............i have taken many pregnancy test to find a answer, They all come up negative, Except for one i did the other day i did it And checked it a little bit later and it had a slight Second line......... Is there a chance im pregnant And it is showing up negative still?
Please post i need advice

somebody posted this on another site could this really what could be happening?
It sounds a lot like pregnancy symptoms to me, and the hip pain could indicate a tubal pregnancy. Tubal pregnancy can lead to serious complications such as your tube bursting and possible peritonitis (infection in the abdominal cavity that can kill you).

Get into the ER or a walk in center ASAP

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