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please i need your help!

7 years 7 months ago #1 by MalieasMommy
MalieasMommy replied the topic: Re:please i need your help!
if you havent gotten your period by now, i think you should see a dr and find out for sure if you are. depending on which tests youve been taking and if youve been doing them right, the results might be wrong. im pregnant with my 2nd child now and i took tests 1 and 2 weeks after my missed period and they both said negative. however when i went to the dr, they confirmed i was. so see a dr asap, especially since if you are, the first trimester is very important in the babys development. also, until youre able to confirm whether or not you are, do not drink, do drugs or anythings else that might be harmful to the baby.

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7 years 7 months ago #2 by cams2know
cams2know created the topic: please i need your help!
.. ok so this is the story.. last last month January 18 i got my period., and the following month February 18 i also got my period., so my boyfriend and I were in TTC.. on march 5 & 7 we got sex and he ejaculated in me.. then after 6 days I had lower back pain and craps., i bloat sleepy most of the time., and it became really hard for me to sleep at night... but during the day I sleep most of the time., so that's what I've notice in me.. and then i supposed to get my period on MARCH 18.. but i didn't got any.. up until a week., exactly 1 week.. (March 25) i took a pregnancy test and in came out "NEGATIVE" but up until now i still don't have my period.. today is march 29.. so im a little confused., idk what to think., idk if im pregnant or what? can you please help me... do you think im pregnant??

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