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Losing your virginity

8 years 1 week ago #1 by imlearning
imlearning replied the topic: Re:Losing your virginity
Hi! I lost my virginity when I was just 13, and I am still in the relationship. It was so special to me, and he was very gentle. I am lucky that I lost it to him, very lucky. He is my everything, and he gives me his all as I plan to give him. He is the only guy that I have had sex with and I am the only girl he has had sex with 'till this day. We are in love, and have been together for a couple of years now. Thankfully.

Don't let this fool you.

I was so young, and things could have gone wrong in many ways.

I love him, but I do regret having sex so early. I wanted to wait until marriage, but I gave in. And that bothers me so much, esp. knowing that he would have stayed with me if I would have waited, he would have respected me enough. I didn't even give him that chance. My hormones were raging and I let that take control.

Don't give into this.

STAY STRONG, and keep you're BOX to yourself for now: ;)

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8 years 1 week ago #2 by delyciouzxma
delyciouzxma replied the topic: Re:Losing your virginity
I'm nineteen. Lost it at 18. I was barely there... mentally... because I was so wasted... so basically I was raped... and then it happened again the next night. Haven't had sex again since that. Don't want to until I meet the right guy. Don't even remember what it felt like. But I was in pain the next day and scared out of my mind because I didn't know if they used condoms.

There's no rush. Take your time. Sex is good but only when you're ready. You're not necessarily too young but if you're not in a committed relationship than I'd advise you to wait because sex is a complicated thing.

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8 years 2 weeks ago #3 by Baby~Girl
Baby~Girl replied the topic: Re:Losing your virginity
i lost my virginity at 14. it was the worst night of my life is prolly the best i could explain it i wish i still kept it. the whole school found out within days after it happened and my life was sent into termoil i put myself into the hospital two weeks later by over doesing on pills becuase i was over welmed with drama by girls who needed to mind their own buisness i was told while i was in the hospital that i was pregnant i told them it was impossible i had only had sex once their was no way i could be pregnant but sure enough i was i got out two weeks later and went for my first doctors appointment and they told me not only was i having one but i was having two little children. i found out at 18 weeks that i was having two little girls Makana Evelyn and Dahlia Jewel is what i named them. the doctor told me it didnt look very good for me to have my little girls because i was so tiny i was 5'5'' and bearly 100lbs i had only gained 5lbs in my pregnancy so far. they told me not to get my hopes up on having my daughters but i did anyways and sure enough at 26weeks Makana died they indused me and told me that it would be easier if i let them pull Dahlia out too even tho she was still alive so i did. i lost both of my little girls that night.
but the moral of my story is even if its your first time having sex, you use a condom, you have birth control and you take plan B after you have sex their is still a chance of you getting pregnant because that is what happened to me. sex is also very addicting i seem to want it all the time. its sort of like a drug i am now 15 years old and 22 weeks pregnant wish i wouldnt be in the positon im in.
just know that having sex comes with alot of responsibilities.

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8 years 3 weeks ago #4 by infantrywife
infantrywife replied the topic: Re:Losing your virginity
I lost mine at 15. Party, one of my ex best guy friends. probably the worst 6 minutes of my life. not because of the pain but when i thought about it afterwards i did want to save myself for the right guy. My right guy came bout 6 months later my junior year of high school. he was a virgin still. After 2 months of dating he lost it to me. Surprisly were still together. Even after a forced abortion, 1 deployment, a current deployment and long work days at his unit for the past 2 years. Army wife HOOAH!!!! Were now 20 and despite all that crap were still going strong. Hopefully it stays that way! all the movies you see about losing virginity is a load of fake romance to me personally. When you get the right person its absolutly amazing though.

Its hard to save yourself for marriage, its gets easier as you go though. Ive spent almost 2 of our 3 years together no sex because hes deployed or training. Its not exactly waiting for marriage but that long absence of sex is similar to it.

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8 years 3 weeks ago #5 by queenB
queenB replied the topic: Re:Losing your virginity
My name is April and I help out with Stand Up Girl. I am 28 years old and I have not had sex. I am waiting until I get married. I want to be able to give my very best to my husband.

Waiting is not easy, but the older you get the easier it becomes. You might want to consider setting some ground rules for yourself like no kissing while laying down, no hands under the clothes, no touching bikini areas (either over your clothes or under), no spending the night at a boyfriends house, etc.

Once these boundaries are in place commit to following them. Unfortunately, I think pressure from society and from boyfriends is a major influencer in women losing their virginity. But being a Stand Up Girl means Standing Up to the peer pressure. Let people say or pressure you all they want, but you know that you are different than all of them. You respect your body and your future husband.

You will see that as you get older the peer pressure subsides. You become to know who you are as a person and are more confident in your self and more able to stand up to the pressure.

Saying no is good practice now for when you are married. After marriage you have to be faithful to that one person for the rest of your life; however, if you have lived your whole life having sex with who ever you want, you will find that is a hard habit to break.

Start practicing faithfulness to your future husband now. Commit to only have sex with whoever he may be. He will be one lucky man!

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8 years 3 weeks ago #6 by mrs_tuggle09
mrs_tuggle09 replied the topic: Re:Losing your virginity
i need advice please !

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