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I have some Questions.....

  • miyah
  • miyah's Avatar Topic Author
12 years 4 months ago #1 by miyah
miyah replied the topic: Re:I have some Questions.....my response
Katie i say u go to the nearest CVS, Eckereds, or Rite Aide to buy a pregnancy test. its the only way for u to know for sure. u cant keep prolonging your situation. the best thing to do is be sure.. i remember my friend telling me that sometimes your mind plays tricks on you. its weird: but say u worry about being pregnant then ur mind starts giving u symptoms. its weird but its true. it happened to someone i know and she said that she started feeling extra tired and hungry and her breast where tender. but come to find out she wasnt pregnant. she was just worrying herself so much that she(herself) started giving herself symptoms. thats crazy. but it will be ok. just be careful. i hope this information helps u. good luck and take care. email me back if u want to.

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  • paola
  • paola's Avatar Topic Author
12 years 4 months ago #2 by paola
paola replied the topic: Re:I have some Questions.....
yes i think u are pregnant.. congratulations ... paola ;)

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  • Katie
  • Katie's Avatar Topic Author
12 years 4 months ago #3 by Katie
Katie created the topic: I have some Questions.....
Okay, I think that i might be pregnant.....Me and my boyfriend have been really good about having protected sex and i was about to go on birth control. but like a couple of weeks ago we had sex and the condom actually broke! and i was due on my period on July 1st and now its like july 8th so i am a week late which is really wierd for me. last week i started cramping in my stomach really bad and it hasnt stopped, sometimes its not as bad as others. and then i get these really sharp pains in my stomach, and it hurts when i try to suck in and when i lay on my stomach.
My breasts usually hurt and swell a little before my period, but right now they are really swollen and hard and hurting bad. i can hardly touch my nipples or go without wearing a bra becuase it hurts when my shirt rubbs against them.
i have also been very irratable, which is also wierd for me too. and i have been hungry more than usual, because usually i dont eat breakfast but this last week i have been soooo hungry all the time.
i havent thrown up yet, but i do get really hot like a heat flash when i am just sitting here. and i get really tired all the time even if i dont do anything. oh and i do get more headaches and i have been breaking out.
someone please reply and tell me what you think.

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