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Not sure if Pregnant

12 years 4 months ago #1 by JBurks7819
JBurks7819 replied the topic: Re:Not sure if Pregnant
I think that you are pregnant;however, the test yo might be using might not be able to detect the pregnacy hormone. Go to the docotr and get a blood test peformed.

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  • mstinkerbelle77
  • mstinkerbelle77's Avatar Topic Author
12 years 4 months ago #2 by mstinkerbelle77
mstinkerbelle77 replied the topic: Re:Not sure if Pregnant
I think you should go and get a blood test done at the doctor's. If you don't have a regular physician or don't want that to be on your records, you could search online for free clinics (make sure they are like crisis pregnancy centers or wellness centers...a place that has a neutral stance on the whole pro choice/life thing and not abortion clinics) and they may perform a urine, blood and/or sonogram for free! Hope this helps :)

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  • Samantha
  • Samantha's Avatar Topic Author
12 years 4 months ago #3 by Samantha
Samantha created the topic: Not sure if Pregnant

Hey everyone,

Im not sure if im pregnant or not, but heres the deal, I havent been feeling like myself, so a week ago I went out and purchased a preg test, it said Neg, and a couple days ago, i got another one and it said Neg, but July 3rd, i took one it said Postive, i took another on the same night it said Neg, My boyfriend and i, have only had protected sex once, and we've had sex for a month straight unprotected, besides when i was on my peirod, but I have felt sick, had a temp, cramps, i've been so tired lately, slept for almost 2 days! I cant really eat, and all i want to do is sleep, Im also kind of in grumpy moods lately, and i just have a feeling i am pregnant, but im not sure, b/c of what the tests say..i dont know why else i would be getting the syptoms of being pregant though, i can't really tell anyone, because they really dont like my boyfriend anyone, and they won't probably hate me..so, i just would like for it to be a secret for right now until i find out. I have 3 more tests, (E*P*T's) ..What are your opiuons on these? Also, i took a Equate pregnacy test (Which 2 Horizontal lines are pregnant and 1 horizontal line is not pregnant), well I was 1 vertical line, and 1 Horizontal line (This was also July 3rd. What does that mean? Can anyone help ? I think i will take another test in the morning, i had my boyfriends mother get me a lot of them. I know he has a high sperm. Along with the syptoms i also feel a lot of different moods all the time, happy, sad..ect and im peeing a lot..this is also recently happening.. Can someone please help me or give me there opinon on what they think?

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