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Husband and I are wondering....but happy! Advice?

  • green_glitter_00
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12 years 4 months ago #1 by green_glitter_00
green_glitter_00 created the topic: Husband and I are wondering....but happy! Advice?
Ok...Im 20 years old and I've been married for nearly a year now. My husband and I had unprotected sex for the very first time about 4 days ago. We figured if it happened...it happened. A baby would most definately be welcomed by us and by our families.

Thing is....I got a yeast infection the day after!! :sick: I have since treated it, but now Im experiencing this brownish/orange discharge. My period is due as Im typing this and I've never experienced this sort of discharge before. I understand that whats happening could possibly be implantation bleeding, right? I've also had slight twingy cramps in my lower abdomen and hips and I've kept a headache (all 3) since intercourse.

So I have a couple questions:
1. Is there a link between semen and vaginal bacteria?
2. Are YI's (and everything else that I've been experiencing) signs of pregnancy?
3. If I AM preg. will the medicine I used to cure the YI harm deveopments thus far?
4. When would be the appropriate time for me to consider a HTP?
5. And finally...what Im most worried about...if I AM pregnant I dont know how Im going to pay for it. Unfortunately Im currently without health insurance and there would be no way that I'd be able to dish out the $$$ for 9 months of dr's bills. Would it be appropriate to try for a medical card? Would insurance companies try and take advantage of a young expectant mother? (Believe me...the one's I've dealt with were NOT on the kind side and Im sure people can relate :pinch: )

Any advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated!!!

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