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impatient and confused

9 years 7 months ago #1 by insubordinateximpx09
insubordinateximpx09 replied the topic: Re:impatient and confused
It took 6 weeks for a pregnancy test to come up positive for me. I didn't find out I was pregnant until then and that was only on a hospital test. I know what its like to be so impatient to find out. I knew I was pregnant before I got my period and still no tests came out positive. Very frustrating.

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  • HighDefinitionLove
  • HighDefinitionLove's Avatar
9 years 7 months ago #2 by HighDefinitionLove
HighDefinitionLove replied the topic: Re:impatient and confused
man I'd be impatient too...I don't know what's happening with your body but I sure hope you find out soon! Are you hoping to be pregnant?

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9 years 7 months ago #3 by Ana17
Ana17 replied the topic: Re:impatient and confused
Hey my name is Ana. Girl let me start off with saying I hate the smell of fish!:S I'm 6 mths pregnant and the first 2 mths I was curious like you why dont you try to take a pregnancy test? Do you want to have a baby? sorry that I'm asking alot of ques just curious and well in my opinion you might be pregnant you have alot of the symptoms and if you are congrats! :) Well keep us informed! much luv and good luck.

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9 years 7 months ago #4 by Wren
Wren created the topic: impatient and confused
left a question a couple of weeks ago similiar but am still confused. i had unprotected sex when i was ovulating and had spotting about a week before my period was due mid march. still no period, my first blood test came back neg but couldnt rule our early pregnancy and the 2nd inconclusive. when i was preg last time the hpts took 12 weeks to read positive so i dont bother with them. i had mild cramping just after my period was due, nausea when i smell things like caramel sundees strange as that is ;) and turps. ive been mildly constipated sorry if tmi sore breasts and have noticed in the last week that my nipples are bigger and my areola darker. i went to see my dr about a week ago but she was away and the dr on duty didnt send me to get another blood test she sent me to get a gyno ultrasound to check for cysts but nothing, i asked the guy who scanned whether he could tell and he sed that he couldnt nesecarily tell but he was looking at my overies. i dont want to go back until my doctor is back from holiday on the 21st but im so impatient and really want to know. ive now missed 2 periods. has anyone had a similiar experience ??

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