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Could I Be?

9 years 7 months ago #1 by K1C
K1C replied the topic: Re:Could I Be?
I sometimes miss days at a time, and then other days i take it just not at the same time. Yeah he knows that i keep forgetting to take it. I wouldn't trap him like that, if i am pregnant then it's by total accident - but not a mistake :). I understand what your saying about the whole trap thing, but nah he knows & totally understands.

Nah my period isn't really regular - they come when they want to, which probs wont help the matter :P

K x

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9 years 7 months ago #2 by LillieAunas_Mommy!
LillieAunas_Mommy! replied the topic: Re:Could I Be?
There is a possibility of you being pregnant because of how you take your pill so irregular. If I were you I would take a test as soon as you think it would show. I might be pregnant and i'm waiting till my period and if it doesn't come i'm going to take a test. Is your period normaly regular?

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  • HighDefinitionLove
  • HighDefinitionLove's Avatar
9 years 7 months ago #3 by HighDefinitionLove
HighDefinitionLove replied the topic: Re:Could I Be?
your body could just be reacting weirdly to the way you're taking your pills. Are you taking them daily, just not at the same time every day? Or do you miss a few days in a row? Does your boyfriend know that you aren't taking your pills as prescribed? If not, it's your responsibility to deal with the consequences; it wouldn't be very nice of you to try and trap him with something like this...(don't mean to be in your face or anything B) )

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9 years 7 months ago #4 by K1C
K1C created the topic: Could I Be?
I'm on the pill, but i often forget to take it so i end up taking it late. My boyfriend & I (of 2 n a half years) don't use any other contraception.

We had sex about 2 weeks ago while i had forgotten to take my pill & he came. We then had sex the following couple of nights and my pill taking was still irregular.

Lately, i have been feeling really sick but not physically being sick & i'm so tired i went to bed on sunday night at 9pm and never got up till 2.15 on Monday afternoon! That just isn't like me. I feel like i haven't got any energy & find it hard motivate myself to do things now. I've not really been in the mood for eating but i'm needing to drink loads :S.

I'm scared, confused but happy at the thought that i may be pregnant. What are the chances of me being pregnant?

Love, K x

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