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im still freaked out

  • Sarah
  • Sarah 's Avatar Topic Author
12 years 4 months ago #1 by Sarah
Sarah replied the topic: Re:im still freaked out
Babygirl... While most girls do ovulate 2 weeks before their period, that does not necessarily mean that is when you will ovulate. If you take the usual number of days in between your periods (usually about 28 days), and subtract 14, that is usually the day after you first start bleeding that you will be ovulating. Ovulating simply means your body is releasing an egg and is when you are most fertile- so 3-5 days before your period and the day after this time is when you are most opt to get pregnant. In response to your question, just because it said you were not ovulating does not mean you are pregnant. You do not ovulate for 2 straight weeks- the avg. life span of an egg is 12-24 hours. However, I would recommend if your period skips (if it hasn't skipped don't do the pregnancy test yet becuase it could be too soon for it to pick up the HCG pregnancy hormone and may be negative- even if you are pregnant) that you go and invest in a pregnancy test or go to a local crisis pregnancy center for a free test. They also will have a vast amount of resources to help you should you find that you are pregnant. Stay calm :) It'll all work out.

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  • brownsugarsweetie
  • brownsugarsweetie's Avatar
12 years 5 months ago #2 by brownsugarsweetie
brownsugarsweetie replied the topic: Re:im still freaked out
not ovulating doesn't mean ur pregnant. just calm down and go get a pregnancy test and make sure thats wat it is. but b4 u go get one think about the date of ur last period and and the date u last had sex.
~much love~

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  • Baby Girl
  • Baby Girl's Avatar Topic Author
12 years 5 months ago #3 by Baby Girl
Baby Girl created the topic: im still freaked out
Thank you guys so much for whomever talked to me the last time i needed help, which was only a couple days ago but i wanted to ask one more question... I know that before ur period ur suposed to ovulate (about 2 weeks before period) and when i went to get a pregnancy test, i was so freaked out that i grabbed the wrong one and it was an ovulation test and i took it and it said i wasnt ovulating, does this make chances better that i could be pregnant or not? i need your advice again...thanx Baby Girl

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