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ADD & pain Meds during pregnancy?

12 years 5 months ago #1 by Jonluver
Jonluver replied the topic: Re:ADD & pain Meds during pregnancy?
You should talk to your doctor about this one. But i would suggest stop taking them for now. I was on adderall when i found out about me first pregnancy. I stopped taking it the day i found out but i still miscarried which probably had nothing to do with it but still stop taking them!

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  • holly rogers
  • holly rogers's Avatar Topic Author
12 years 5 months ago #2 by holly rogers
holly rogers created the topic: ADD & pain Meds during pregnancy?
Hey every one. i'm 32 years old with a 3 yr. old son and just found out that i'm pregnant again. 4 weeks from what the calculators say but conception was just two weeks ago. not sure how all that works. any way , here's my situtation. hope someone can relate or offer advice. i always thoughted i wanted a housefull of children but after my first pregnancy i changed my mind to maybe just two, then i was even considering just one. my reason for this was that i suffer from major depression and am on two antidepressants now. wellbutrin and adderall , i was also diagnosed with add earlier in the year and have been taking adderall for a few months now. i was finally feeling good , like my old self . another reason my pregnancy was so physically rough was that i had spinal cord surgery just 5 months before i became pregnant with Justice. i have been on and off narcotic pain meds ever since due to alot of nerve dmage and chronic pain. so anyway, i've just recentlyu started to feel pretty normal again and we had started talking about another baby and boom i get pregnant by accident. my worries are about the meds , i'm so afraid of going back into that deep dark tunnell again that i can't seem to get myself out of. i just found out about the pregnancy two days ago, my husband is thrilled and i feeel horrible that im not as over joyed as he is , i'm so afraid that i won't be able to take any of my meds and that i'll go through what i did last time. what does a pregnant woman do that 's best for her baby medicall but best for her mental health as well. i haven't found many sites who''ve done much research on the topic. does anyone know of any safe meds to treat the add or specifically the depression? the pain meds i take very infrequently and i don't think i'll have any problem not takeing those but i'm really worried about the add which makes me crazy irritable and disorganized and forgetful and just plain \"flakey\" and the depression can honestly keep me in bed for days to weeks and i don't want justice to see this side of me . any advice would be so greatly appreciated. i'm a stay at home mom and my husband works of course so with our first born he wasn't much help with the middle of the night feedings which had me totally sleep deprived and added to my post partum. any suggestions on that too? any help would be appreciated...........

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