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What could of happened?

10 years 4 months ago #1 by nlowe
nlowe replied the topic: Re:What could of happened?
well i thought i was pregnant a while ago, and then i went to the doctors, and the test came back as neg. the problem with me believing this was that my period was real light 2 times in a row, and that's unusual for me.so then i was determined i was preggers because i had all th esymptoms, including the nipple leakage and all that jazz, but my doc put me on b.c. because she said it was neg.i had a miscariage about 2 months prior to this, so anyways, i thought the b.c. was supposed to make the periods lighter, but now i am doing the same thing, it seems like it's gushing, and i don't know what happened.

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10 years 4 months ago #2 by jocepero
jocepero created the topic: What could of happened?
hey guys i was supposed to get my period the 26th well i was spotting the 30th it was pink, but yesterday 31 i was bleeding, with blood clots but only when i wiped im very worried that i might had a baby because i went to pee and a lil ball of clot came a circular shaped one so far my bleeding is been very light not as usual. Im wondering if im pregnant. im so sad whn i saw that. dunno what i should do.Im tired, weak, sleepy, back pains, sore nipples what went wrong? please help....

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