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whats my possiblity of being pregnant?

10 years 5 months ago #1 by Meg11
Meg11 replied the topic: Re:whats my possiblity of being pregnant?
Well my first symptoms of pregnancy with my second was a bottomless pit for a stomach...LOL...I could eat and eat and never stop....the first test was negative and then two weeks later it was positive....the only birth control that is 100% reliable is abstinence though...I learned that the hard way TWICE...yep after losing my virginity at 13 and continuing in that lifestyle for 10 years I had two kids on my own....the more people you sleep with the more you are sucked in...I was trapped and I was a slave to sex before marriage...you can try every kind of birth control and still get pregnant except one...abstinence....you can use condoms or other types of barriers and still get STD's or AIDS....safe sex is not safe...safe sex=abstinence....how long have you been with your boyfriend?? Are you making wedding plans?? If you want to get married then why not stop having sex and wait until you are married to pick up where you left off??? Think about it...if you are ready to spend the rest of your life with someone then why can't you wait a few more months to sleep with them??? Now consider this...if you are not sure if you want to be married to him then why would you sleep with him and put yourself at risk for a baby or STD's or AIDS??? Sorry if I seem like a broken record or if it seems like I am trying to \"rain on your parade\" but what I say is true...after 10 years of being sexually active before marriage and two unplanned pregnancies that I went through alone with no support and choosing abstinence myself I feel that I have alot of valid input on the subject...it was the best choice....my husband didn't marry me because I ended up pregnant, or because I was \"good in bed\"...he didn't have a clue what I was like n that way...and before he ever did he loved me enough to commit to me for life...to be by my side and honor and cherish me till death....he honored me before marriage by not pressuring me for sex...I have full confidence that he will honor me in marriage because of that....if your boyfriend wont honor you in that way I would suggest that you take a break and make sure \"he is the ONE\"....for now just wait it out and take a test if you miss your period but regardless of the answer you get you can still make the most important choice for your future....abstinence....thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you will let me know what you decide...remember don't knock it till you try it...Love Meg

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10 years 5 months ago #2 by jenras05
jenras05 created the topic: whats my possiblity of being pregnant?
I have been off my birth control for a couple months now and have started having unprotected sex,..well I use spermicide sometimes and sometimes we use the pull out method. Lately though I've been really hungry like I eat and can't get full and shortly after have to eat again. Its really weird...I usually am able to fill up easy. I have to wait a couple of weeks to see if I get my period or not but was just wandering my chances of being pregnant. If anyone has any input on my situation please post me. Thank you,


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