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10 years 4 months ago #1 by ilovemykyra
ilovemykyra created the topic: NOT AGAIN!!!!!
So here is my issue....... my period normally starts about every 15 days( i know good times for me right?) however, on the 20th of this month as i so patiently awaited it arrivals, it didn't happen. Then i started to get extremely paranoid every time anything out of the ordinary occurred but the only \"pregnancy symptom\" I've had is that it feel like a small saber tooth tiger had been chewing on my nipples. (lol thats the only thing i can think to compare it to. sry) Anywho, since my baby daddy and i aren't the most responsible adults ever, we haven't used protection of any sort ever really(because as i said we are geniuses). Then today i thought maybe just maybe i was the luckiest person ever because i thought i started my period but i dont think it is....with out getting into too much detail we'll just say \"it aint right\" its barely a period at all. I have a three year old and went through all this once b4 (some ppl never learn) but after 4 years i dont remember what implantation bleeding and all that good stuff is like anymore plus everything ive read on on this says that it supposed to happen 10-14 after conception which would mean i thought i was pregnant when i wasnt and ended up getting preg ( which would be very ironic). Somebody please help me figure this one out i am COMPLETELY lost at this point.

thanks so much ;)

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