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am i pregnant or not?

10 years 5 months ago #1 by xxtroublexx
xxtroublexx replied the topic: Re:am i pregnant or not?
hey hunni, you need to make yourself an appointment with the doctor and get them to do a test and should you be pregnant then you need to decide what to do but something you do need to do is tell your parents if only one of them but you must tell someone maybe you have an older sister or friend but please if you are dont try and hide it from your parents because they will soon work it out anyway i finally plucked up the corage to tell my mum and when i did she finishe the sentance off for mje because shed already guessed and was really supportive and didnt once get anry at me!! all the best and fingers crossed for you hunni...................xxtroublexx

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10 years 5 months ago #2 by niam2810
niam2810 replied the topic: Re:am i pregnant or not?
Hi, you really need to take a test, a condom even when used correctly is not 100% effective. My partner was concieved while his parents were using both a condom and the pill, so yes it is possible that your condom failed. Considering your syptoms you need to take a test and considering your age it would be best if you could find an adult who you feel you could safely confide in.

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10 years 5 months ago #3 by hawiian_chick17
hawiian_chick17 created the topic: am i pregnant or not?
Okay so i missed my period last month and i've been feeling nausiated and dizzy and tired all the time, plus ive been having to pee a thousand times a day. on top of that i've been puking a lot. i'll wake up and have to run to the bathroom. the thing is tho that everytime i've had sex i've been safe i've always used a condom. Im too scared to go to the store and buy another pregnancy test for somethin that is all in my head. Its pretty shady when u see a 14 year old girl go into a drug store and buy a test.
ugh i dont know what to do....i would love some advice though


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